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    Have had tickets for months now, have been looking forward to the show at the Sinclair in Cambridge, Massachusetts, here in the states. Now I don't think we're going, and I'm crushed.

    But you know... the governor declared a state of emergency. Harvard told its students not to return from break. Boston canceled the St. Patrick's Day parade, which is a big deal here. Companies are telling staff to work from home and large meetings and conferences are getting canceled or going online-only. On and on.

    So, I'm beginning to accept my husband's suggestion that maybe standing in a crowded room for a couple hours at the Sinclair is not such a good idea. I tried to sell him on the possibility that everyone else might stay home and we'd get a private concert, but I don't think he was buying it.

    Are the shows all going ahead as planned? Anyone else making the tough decision to stay home?
    Just got back from the show in Brooklyn which was a pretty great performance and at the end of the set I think I heard Graham say Boston has been canceled. I've practicing "social distancing" this week but did not want to miss tonight's show.......venue was about half full and surprising for Brooklyn not a lot of young people in attendance. The band was on fire from the get go and sounded as good as they ever have. Very animated, clear strong vocals from Graham and Matt was banging out all kinds of crazy sounds and effects on his guitar. Colin was brilliant as usual in an understated way as was the fine tight drumming from Robert who open the show with a 35 minute instrumental DJ set the highlight of which, for me, was Jimi Hendrix's version of the Star Spangled Banner which still sounds otherworldly and fresh.......It's a shame if other shows have to be cancelled but it's probably for the best. My niece had the first NYC corona patient in her ICU unit at Columbia two weeks ago and said it's really serious stuff and not to be taken lightly.


    Show at the Sinclair was canceled too, we got the word this afternoon. I am still holding out hope that some earlier shows will make their way into the Legal Bootleg series maybe?

    We’re wearing our Silver/Lead shirts even though we aren’t leaving the house, and planning a Wire marathon for the evening. Currently: _A Bell is a Cup_.

    From Wire's facebook page.....

    Unfortunately we have now had to cancel our remaining N American dates..

    In over 40 years of existence we’ve pretty much never pulled a gig let alone not finish a tour but circumstances are against us and we’ve been left with a set of diminishing options. Unfortunately, the following shows are cancelled. Refunds are available at point of purchase.

    March 13 Boston, MA Sinclair
    March 14 Ottawa, ON Bronson Centre
    March 16 Toronto, ON The Great Hall
    March 17 Austin, TX Barracuda
    March 18 Austin, TX Hotel Vegas

    We are also sure people would much rather see us under happier circumstances and we will make sure that we take the opportunity to revisit the places we have missed this time when we all get to the other side of the current crisis.

    Be safe. Wire
    Today Toronto Public Health recommended that all gatherings of 250 or more people be cancelled and anyone who has travelled overseas to self-isolate for 14 days. Every major event one can think of is now called off. Schools, libraries and even my favourite store are closing temporarily. Today someone pulled a gun during a queue at a grocery store. It's starting to look a bit 'Reuters' out there. Cue 'Health Warning (Act Today)!