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    It seems that everything that I read here is posted from old school Wire fans. I'm really interested to hear the opinions and reviews of those that are new to "world of Wire". I got into Wire in the 80's when I was in high school with "The Ideal Copy".......didnt even know that there was a back catalog....after I discovered the "sacred 3" I was officially hooked for life. I enjoy R&B 1&2 in the proper mood....but I really prefer the melodies that I grew up with......Madmans Honey/ Cheeking Tongues/ Kidney Bingo's/ Boiling Boy/ Craftman's Touch/ So and Slow it Grows..... etc....I am extremely interested to understand what it is like to discover the band based on O47 and moving backwards....anyone??
    I've bought all their albums from Pink Flag as and when they came out , although I have to admit that the 80's Mute era stuff started to lose me (Ideal Copy , IBTABA, Manscape etc) but I still made a point of buying their next offerings but rarely playing them after first purchase.

    So I guess in a strange way I'm in a position of discovering albums that Ive always had but rarely listened to, it'll be intresting to see if the passage of time has changed my initial opinions of them.

    The Mael Brothers (Sparks) are another band who's albums Ive religiously bought even though for many many years I was disapointed with them , but then with a bit more time on my hands to re-listen to them Ive now found that albums I initially rejected have now become firm favorites ......

    Are there any other bands you respected enough to stick with after their first flurry even thou' you went though many years of fustration with their output???
    when i find a band i like, i'll continue to buy their lp's until such time the gap in our musical differences is so vast i no longer wish to fork out £10/12 on 'em. so i stop, (like any sensible person would), or borrow 'em or get 'em free elsewhere!

    The Cure are a perfect example (for me) - i have every lp up until The Cure - which i bought, didn't like & promptly ebay'd. i've not returned to 'em since, but as they have a catalogue of 10/12 lp's i have enough to satisfy me if i fancy some Cure.

    i'm a collector of records that i like, rather than simply a collector of records. mates my age have a collection of 2 or 3 times the size of mine, but they rarely play 'em. i don't see the point of being a 'completist' just 4 the hell of it. i buy loads of stuff on the back of reveiws, recommendations, or hearing a few trax on myspace, but when i get 'em & don't like 'em, i flog 'em!
    Garage-band" .....

    whilst understanding your point of view , using your criterea of "and I've not returned to them since" everybody would have stopped listening to "wire" after they released(say for example)"Manscape"...never to have returned ...and missed the brilliance of "Send".

    Some bands are worth the persevirence (sic?)
    I think it's always worth checking out what your ex-favourites are up to, because there's always a chance of 'brilliance' or a comeback of sorts. However, I've totally given up buying blindly now for 99% of groups/acts, because that leads to disappointment. The only exceptions right now are Wire, Githead, Sigur Rós, Susumu Yokota, Worm is Green and Mugison, which isn't exactly a huge number.
    ah, but then Manscape, for me, is Wire's best lp!!!!!

    it's easy these days with free/cheap downloads/myspace/you-tube to hear stuff from ANY band b4 buying (unlike back in the day when i had to listen to John Peel on a little radio under the bedclothes). in such a way, i have got into many bands, including Githead who, much to my chagrin, i hadnae heard of until last year!!!
    There's a few folk who's careers I follow, including Julian Cope. Admittedly his recent output has been patchy, but not I must add without merit. His latest album Black Sheep is probably his most consistent in years and there's at least three tracks that I love in the opening acoustic stomp Come The Revolution, the absurdly catchy All The Blowing-Themselves-Up Motherfuckers (Will Realise The Minute They Die That They Were Suckers) and the 11 min closing number I Can Remember This Life with its Decades-like bassline.

    As for Sparks mentioned above...well I must admit I'd pretty much lost touch with them till a few years ago, but although l've not got round to getting their latest LP yet the three before that (Balls, Beethoven, Young Lovers) are all fab in their own ways. I honestly can't think of another band/artist from that far back still making music that good.

    That said, I bought a compilation (This Album's Big Enough) a few years back so I had those golden hits from the 70's on cd, but none of the 80's tracks on it exactly got me rushing out to buy those missing albums!
    I've never heard someone say that "Manscape" was their favorite Wire LP before. I love all of Wire's albums to death, but I can't even make it through Manscape.
    IC, Bell & Manscape are right up there with my fave all time lp's. dif 2 explain they just 'do it' for me!

    Keith - i'm with you on the Sparks thing. i've dipped in & out of their stuff for the last 35 years & my mate keeps me up to date with their stuff. Last year/year b4 he 'forced' me to buy L'il Beethoven (which i thought was excellent) & we went ot see 'em at Brighton - great gig! i weanted to go & see 'em do Kimono & Propaganda, but my Sparks fan mate wasnae up 4 it 4 some reason. shame!
    I'm taking a couple of newbies to the show in Atlanta (Variety Playhouse) They are fans of 047 but have not dove in to the back catalog...It will be interesting to hear their impressions.....I'll make sure to post.
    My son is a "new" fan. He's been hearing Wire played around the house and in the car his whole life. I actually have some home movies from when he was 3 and his sister was an infant, and IBTABA can be heard very clearly throughout two parts of the video. Good soundtrack :o)

    It's only since Object 47 that he's declared his love for Wire, and now he'll be going to his first gig... tomorrow in NYC. I can't wait either! Didn't think I'd be able to get tickets.
    My missus saw WIRE in Glasgow on this tour and was immpressed at how good they were!!(why she doubted
    that they were, beggars belief in the first place lol).
    So much so, that her I-Pod has its fair share of WIRE tracks on it and the full Object 47 album.
    Next on the new fan list is my teenage son/daughter. Working on that!
    Whereas my wife divorced me for listening to that bloody song about defacing the idiot neighbours for seven hours whilst smashing up the flat with a machete! Shoulda bought an A-Z!!!

    But I digress, as I so often do!

    I got into WIRE in late 84 after Orwell copped it. First I heard 12XU and liked it. Then I heard Map Ref and liked it more. Then I heard 'I am the fly' and wrecked your rubbish window display you filthy banking tub of lard.
    Sorry to resurrect an old topic, but I'm a new Wire fan. Well, I say that, but it's seemed like a while to me. A friend of my father made a mixtape. It had Ambitious. 14 year old me likes it. Maybe a year or so later, I'm looking through my father's vinyl (to see if he had any Stooges). Recognise the name Wire. Play Pink Flag. It's bloody amazing. Get myself a copy. Then, when I'm 17 or so, notice Chairs Missing is cheap on Amazon (hadn't followed it up earlier as I'd read reviews of the band online saying they'd lost it after Pink Flag). Hearing Practice Makes Perfect is just amazing! Haven't looked back since, now owning all the albums, all the Dome albums, all the Colin Newman albums, all the non-album compilations, 2 copies each of the first 3 albums (for the non-album singles & EP), the various live albums, a couple of 80s singles (Silk Skin Paws and In Vivo), and don't regret any of it (though if I worked out how much it had cost...).

    Still, being 18 makes me probably the youngest member of this board. Like that time I went to see Spiritualized.
    That pretty much sums up my experience as well.
    nice one Mix - welcome to the (sur)real Wire world many of us have been living in most of our lives!!!!!
    I checked in itunes recently how much Wire & Wire related music I had. Something like 29 hours. That's bordering on obsession.

    I'm sure this is a common experience, but I've yet to meet anyone who I've mentioned Wire to that has known them, at all.
    make sure you intorduce Wire to all yer mates!
    They like Ahead, but beyond that, I'm having a hard time to even get the Ramones fans to listen to Pink Flag. Lots of them have this belief that any music older than they are is not for them.