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    Strange that. I'm on the Horrors forum (sorry guys!!!) & most of the peopleon their are your age & many of them have a great knowledge of 70's & even 60's music. greatly impressed.
    In my experience, it's not so much many, as a fair minority, though obviously that would be skewed on a music forum. I find the ones most interested in older music tend to be metal fans, actually, but metal culture seems to operate differently to almost all other music.

    Using the example of the Horrors, though, from really enjoying Primary Colours I got into Neu. Played Neu to a couple of friends who also like Primary Colours, and they weren't interested. I think it's a kind of pop/not pop listener thing. Pop listeners generally don't seek things out that much, and loose an interest as time goes on. Non-pop listeners end up owning albums of music by Luigi Russolo.

    The danger is, of course, that you end up turning into a Sister Ray type.
    the 'danger' is (and this 'probably' applies to a few people on this list too) is that 'people' get caught in a loop, if it ain't punk/rock/blues/classica/jazzl, it ain't worth listenin' to.I listen to most genres, I simply love music.
    I, too, am 18, but thankfully I've had reasonable success converting my friends to the cult of Wire. Only the first few LPs, however; one of my friends - admittedly a drummer and mortal enemy of sequencing - listened to less than ten seconds of "Madman's Honey" and balked.

    Then again, I've been alienating people with my music tastes ever since I discovered early industrial in middle school, so it's nothing terribly new to me.
    "Madman's Honey" is one of my all time faves. I would love to see a live version. Actually its the song that got me into Wire in the first place back in 87.
    A well-recorded live version would be grand. The primitive cassette recordings I've heard only hint at the glory beneath.

    Indirectly cross-referncing another topic: What I really enjoy about the Coatings version of the song is that Graham's bass is actually audible. It just amplifies the harmony of the whole piece, and in turn makes the production much more... human, I suppose. The original is also quite lovely, in a somewhat spectral way.
    The first Wire song I heard was Eardrum Buzz. I honestly hated it. That same year I made some new friends who were into Wire so I bought the Ideal Copy and was hooked. I did eventually start to like Eardrum but ABIAC and IBTABA were the last to albums I bought (that were current at the time). Looking back Bell is still my least favorite album although it does get rotation. I am a big fan of the singles off those two albums however. Nowadays it's mostly recent Wire that I listen to mixing in IC and the EMI 3. To this day the only song my wife likes is So and Slow...
    so and slow indeed Paul, methinks you have some catching up to do.
    No he hasn't!
    I am current. I would loves me wife to get up with the times!
    Yeah, I've never been terribly fond of the single (12") mix of "Eardrum Buzz"; the mix itself is (or comes off as) cluttered and flat. I like the IBTABA version, though, and the song itself is ungodly catchy.

    To further the thread: I came to Wire through hearsay. The first song heard in part with any product recognition (I'm sure I'd heard "12XU") was "I Should Have Known Better", which hooked me in instantly; the first song I heard in full that I can immediately recall was "I Feel Mysterious Today", which I still think is a classic. Or maybe "I Am The Fly". What-and-whichever. The first I heard of Wire Mk. II was probably "Torch It!", followed by "Drill" (the ABIAC version) and "The Queen Of Ur And The King Of Um", all of which I found very intriguing but did not seek out until much later.