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    In case a certain someone is too humble to mention it!

    Kevin Eden’s story is a familiar one of an artist whose work sadly didn’t received acclaim in their own time, but scratch a little deeper and it soon becomes apparent that his personalised, overlooked oeuvre braids various, vital strands of punk and ambient history since the late ‘70s. ‘Passed Beyond’ offers a perfect portal into his personalised soundworld, spanning beautifully eerie post-punk as 41 Degrees, thru to his liminal experiments with synths, tape and textured percussion as KS Eden. It also covers a period of time between his local record shop proprietor, Paul Morley tipping him off to see The Sex Pistol’s 2nd gig at the Free Trade Hall, thru his years with the Manchester Musicians Collective, and ultimately an embrace of ambient experimentation that would see him establish friendship with Laraaji and work as Eno’s studio assistant, prior to establishing the WMO label as a home for Wire/Dome projects - including a crucial CD compilation of works by the legendary Michael O’Shea.
    I had no idea about this.
    I have had it on repeat in the last days and i love it.
    Out of stock at boomkat unfortunately, but should be available at their bandcamp or elsewhere
    Very interesting, thank you.