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    Looks like a pricey but intriguing item will be available soon:

    No unique tracks but the book looks enticing.
    I dropped Craig a quick line about my forum login, and took the opportunity to ask (since I was looking to log in to ask here!) about the US RSD lists and PF456 Deluxe not appearing - apparently it will actually be distributed to US stores, despite not being on the list. Woohoo! With any luck I can grab one, though I wouldn't complain if a few leftovers appeared in the shop here after RSD as with Nine Sevens...
    A thing of beauty, besides being a great listen. I didn't even have to queue for it, just wandered into my local shop around 2pm and there it was.
    Dutifully queued up for RSD but could not bring myself to throw $100 at the vinyl set so maybe I'll jump on this. But don't I already have these tracks on 3+ CDs already?
    ilogic pro -

    No - the clue is in the detail.

    The vinyl and book is the 16 2002 tracks from the Send era - full versions. These have appeared on CD before but are appearing on vinyl for the first time - under the name PF456 Deluxe.

    The CD that you have posted a link to is released next month - these are the edited versions that appeared as a limited vinyl in 2003 - and these edited versions are appearing on CD for the first time - under the name PF456 Redux.
    Excellent. I own the original vinyl but a CD version of Redux is welcome.
    You can get the PF456 Delux set now, and pre-order the CDs (but the CDs are cheaper from ilogicpro's link, above) from Rough Trade here: