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    Looks like Wire took a cue from Zappa and decided to boot the boot.
    I may be missing something, but is this all the same stuff that was included as bonuses on the Chairs and 154 book reissues?

    Ah well, my guess is it will end up steeply discounted in the “old RSD stock” bin next to 456 Redux Deluxe.
    Maybe. Depends on how many copies they are pressing i guess. It costs "only" £22.99 in the UK, so way less expensive than PF456 Redux Deluxe was. Perhaps this will help in shifting more copies? Who knows. We'll see. For sure it does not contain anything that has not already been heard on the special editions of Chairs Missing and 154.
    I guess I'm just worried about possible trends - like continued digging through old PF stuff for more things not on vinyl to release. Will Black Session be next? Metro Chicago? Perhaps Recycling Sherwood Forest as the token Legal Bootleg entry?

    PF456 was frustrating. The initial pricetag over here was over $100 - for same old stuff. I wasn't sure whether to be happy for me or feel bad for Wire that the copies in my local shops didn't move and were marked down.

    Acknowledged: I'm the wrong one to ask. Releasing stuff to vinyl doesn't generally make the music more meaningful or worthwhile to me.

    All I know is the Mute years go ignored, again. Permanently? That would be a real shame.
    At over $100 I had to pass on PF456. I'm sure I'm late in saying this but RSD is becoming an expensive indulgence for those of us who regularly do the rounds anyway.
    I find it incredible disappointing that Wire continues to support RSD despite it being a clear net-negative for both record stores & fans alike. It has to be frustrating for stores to have so many extra copies of pf456 that will now need to be marked down.

    I'm a huge vinyl enthusiast but I the quality control on Wire vinyl releases since RBT has frankly been abysmal. The albums are so digital in nature that they don't really benefit from the analog domain imo. CDs always sound better to me on the newer releases.

    I will echo others in saying that the Mute years are in desperate need of revisiting. Mute doesn't appear to be doing much with that material so hopefully some sort of licensing agreement could be arranged to work in Wire's favor.
    From what i understand Wire would actually like to do something with the Mute era material, but the rights for those recordings are with BMG and not with Daniel Miller, so it would only work if BMG had any interest in it. Which seems not to have been the case so far.
    Apparently unsold copies of NATD will shortly be available on the Rough Trade website.
    They're here:

    Available from April 29th.
    And here, direct from Pink Flag, two quid cheaper:
    Hey Folks - mine arrived in the post down in Oz this week... was wondering if there is still a digital download available for each album, as per the last 5 or 6 when you buy it? I can't seem to work out the Greedbag site any more

    I'm reluctant to unwrap it, you see...