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    I have been listening to some of the most ignored WIRE albums:

    From IBTABA "In Vivo"

    From MANSCAPE "Stampede"

    From THE DRILL "Arriving/Staying/Going?"

    From THE FIRST LETTER "Take It (For Greedy"

    and "No Cows On The Ice"

    From READ AND BURN 3 "23 Years Too Late"

    From OBJECT 47 "One of Us"

    From CHANGE BECOMES US "Eels Sang"

    I had forgotten about some of these tracks. Some of these
    sound like new albums.
    I've never fully understood the antipathy to Manscape, although I accept adverse comments about the quality of the overall sound. That having been said, it didn't bother me at the the time of its release. I just considered the sound to be a product of the technology they were utilising at the time (not realising or understanding the issues surrounding it until many years later)

    The Wire albums I've played the least over the years would probably be Pink Flag, Object 47, Wire and Nocturnal Koreans. As Alexander may have been alluding to, though, neglecting a Wire album for quite some time can lead to pleasant surprise when one dips back in.
    My step-son has 'Illuminated' from IBTABA in his gym and loves asking his clients 'Do you remember this one?'

    Of course they actually don't, but a few think they do, as it sounds like something they think they ought to know:

    Goodness, we both love it!