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    Does anyone have a succinct opinion of how a person can best obtain all the Send-era material?

    If I have Send and the three Read & Burn EPs, will Send Redux complete the collection (with the edited short-form tracks)? Or is it advised to pick up Send Ultimate too? I’ve compared the track lists but my head starts to ~swim trying to keep it all sorted. I don’t mind a little redundancy in my collection, but I’m wondering what combos are essential and which ones overlap significantly. Help and opinions are both appreciated.
    Going from memory here, but I think Send Ultimate + Read & Burn 3 + Send Redux covers all the studio releases.
    Send Ultimate, Read & Burn 2 (because there is an edit of "Nice Streets Above" unique to that release), Send Redux, and if you want to be really completist the Gimme Skelter compilation which includes "Spent (Louder Faster Mix)". Not sure if I would include Read & Burn 3. If you did - again to be ultra completist you would need to get Elegy Sampler 51 which has a Version Edit of "23 Years Too Late". At one time this was available to download free on this site but the "listen page" was taken down.