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    I was at a No Age show in Portland recently. Dave Allen (of Gang of Four) was there filming stuff. It's supposed to be online somewhere. Someone told me that the guys in No Age were talking about WIRE demos from the first two albums. That they had heard them recently. Is this John Peel sessions or have some early demos surfaces in the past year that I haven't heard about? Does anyone know what I am talking about? How are you?
    Maybe they heard Behind the Curtain or something.
    As well as Behind The Curtain (released officially on CD in 1995 with 31 tracks), there are also a couple of slightly less official releases out there with all the 78-79 demos and a smattering of live Roxy tracks - these are Not About To Die, which has a total of 18 tracks and Demos And Roxy, which has 27 tracks. The sound quality is pretty good and whilst a lot of the tracks are in the rawest possible state, they are well worth a listen - if you can track them down, unfortunately Behind The Curtain has long been deleted!
    I have Behind The Curtain.
    If you have Behind The Curtain it's a little strange that you ask if there are any demos available!?
    If I remember correctly, those other unofficial comps have tracks that are not on "Behind The Curtain", I remember hearing a faster version of "Used To", for instance.
    You are indeed correct stevethehouse - some of the tracks on the unofficial releases are in fact unreleased versions, so even more worthwhile getting ones sticky mitts on. :)
    Behind The Curtain is mainly tracks that weren't on Pink Flag, and different versions of songs on the second and third albums. I was wondering what No Age was talking about.
    There's a funny demo of I Should've Known Better that has inferior words and kind of falls apart in the middle. I doubt anyone is keen to give that an official release!
    There's 3 sets of demos, as described in the 33 1/3 Pink Flag book, that haven't been released. The May 4 77 one (3 songs, which is on the Demos and Roxy boot which I own), the May 25 77 demo (6 songs), and the the August 12 77 demo (4 songs). Anyone circulating those last 2?

    hope this helps:
    EMI Studios, 4th May 1977: “The Commercial”,” Mr Suit” and “Pink Flag”.

    Riverside Studios, 25th May and 12th August 1978: “Reuters”, “Different To Me”, “Ex-Lion Tamer”, “Mannequin”, “Champs”, “Start To Move”, “106 Beats That”, “Fragile”, “Surgeon's Girl" and “Field Day For The Sundays”.

    Riverside Studios 14th December: “Practice Makes Perfect”,” Oh No Not So”, “Culture Vultures”, “It's The Motive”, “Love Ain't Polite”, “French Film Blurred”, “Sand In My Joints”, “Too Late”, “I Am The Fly”, “Heartbeat”, “Underwater Experiences”, “Stalemate” and “I Feel Mysterious Today”.

    Riverside Studios 14th April: “Dot Dash”, “French Film Blurred” (re-written), “Options R”, “Finistaire (aka Mercy)”, “Marooned”, “From The Nursery”, “Indirect Enquiries”, “Outdoor Miner”, “Chairs Missing”, “Being Sucked in Again”, “Men 2nd”, “Another Letter (sic)” and “No Romans”.

    Riverside Studios 11th December:: "40 Version", "Ignorance, No Plea (aka "I Should Have Known Better"), "Blessed State", "Touching Display", "The 15th", "A Mutual Friend", ""Once Is Enough", "The Other Window", "Stepping Off Too Quick", "Indirect Enquiries", "Map Ref", "Single K.O.", "On Returning", "A Question Of Degree", "Former Airline" and Two People In A Room".
    Whoops I should clarify/correct the dates:

    25th May and 12th August are 1977, as is 14th December.
    14th April and 11th December are 1978.
    I have a tape around somewhere that has what I seem to remember to be the whole of Pink Flag and Chairs Missing but just not the version released, close though. Wonder if that's what they mean?
    <<<Riverside Studios, 25th May and 12th August 1978: “Reuters”, “Different To Me”, “Ex-Lion Tamer”, “Mannequin”, “Champs”, “Start To Move”, “106 Beats That”, “Fragile”, “Surgeon's Girl" and “Field Day For The Sundays”>>>

    These are the ones I was looking for, Kevin. As you clarified, these are from May/Aug 77. They're not on Behind The Curtain. I have the 3 May 4th songs (along with the '76 demos) on a boot, but haven't heard the Riverside demos.
    Also: What was the song "Chairs Missing", and why isn't it in circulation, even in bootleg form?

    Not About To Die is interesting, but sound-wise pretty bad. The original take of "Indirect Enquiries" is a truly bizarre contrast.

    Speaking of which, I remember reading on the now-defunct Wire bootlegs list-page (dossier, I suppose, would be the term) that there was a recorded performance in late '77 that opened with the aforementioned song, along with (I think) the only listing I've seen of "Used To". Does anyone know anything about this?
    New demo collection I haven't come across before called Graham's Practice Tape:

    I admit that my ears aren't the greatest, but some of the cuts sound like poorer quality versions of demos we've come across elsewhere, but there are some new versions here, including a sixteen-minute rehearsal of "40 Versions."

    edit: Stupid me, the bulk of this was actually on The Final Days that emerged last summer(?).