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    Bit confused. Bare with me, I'm a bit backward.

    I'm thinking of buying the last 2 albums and noticed some of the tracks seem to overlap with EP's. Are all the songs from EP's on the albums, they don't seem to be. If so, are they the same versions?

    PS: In the discography it would be nice if there was a little overview of what the record is.
    Around half of the tracks from Send had already been released on the first two Read & Burn EPs. I think they are the same versions, possibly different edits.
    To confuse matters further, several tracks from R&B 1 and 2 didn't make it to Send. All are well worth having so you could always cherry pick these from the download shop.
    Object 47 doesn't have any tracks from Read & Burn 3.

    The old Wireviews site is still online and has notes on each record up to Send,
    and is handy for navigating your way around the discography.
    Frankly, I'd recommend getting Object 47 and all the Read & Burns and skipping Send. The tracks omitted from Send are superior to the new trio on that album, and you're not really missing much by not having Half Eaten, Being Watched and You Can't Leave Now.
    Agree entirely re Being Watched. But what of Mr Marx's Table?
    Mr. Marx's Table and You Can't Leave Now would be the strongest and most interesting tracks on Send for my money.
    Seconded Fergus, Can't Leave Now and Mr Marx's Table are two of my top Send faves too.
    but I liked being watched. and mr marx's table is a favourite of mine
    Thanks guys. I went ahead and ordered both albums. Then as Tim says I can cherry pick the other EP tracks via the download shop.

    Thanks also for the link.
    "But what of Mr Marx's Table?"

    Ah, that'd be the new track I totally forgot was on Send. Still, I _much_ prefer live versions of that track, 'cause the drums are louder.
    Being Watched is fab.

    As is the Britney mash-up I'm Watching 4 U!
    Skip SEND and pickup 'The Scottish Play' and hear how the songs should really sound!!
    'Skip SEND and pickup 'The Scottish Play' and hear how the songs should really sound!!'

    Or better still - buy both Send and The Scottish Play and listen to the difference! Personally I love both and could never do without either!
    Mr Marx's Table is one of the strongest songs in Wire's whole catalogue and it's great to see it's still part of the live set. And the live version from the Metro in Chicago is stunning.
    Taken as a whole, the Read & Burn 01 & 02 EP's are far superior to Send, but I still consider "Mr. Marx's Table" & "You Can't Leave Now" to be essential additions to that period. As many have brought up, the live renditions are far more interesting than the studio versions. I think this is mainly because the drums on the studio recordings sound overly processed and remove a lot of the character that makes Robert's drumming interesting in the first place.

    While "The Scottish Play" is a good live document, I'm surprised that there has been no mention of the free bonus Live At The Metro CD that came with Send. I consider that to be a much more powerful sounding recording and far more representative of what seeing a Send-era show was like.
    As I suggested, stevethehouse, Live at the Metro is an astonishingly powerful recording. As well as Mr Marx's Table, the live version of Spent wipes the floor with the Send version. I quite often play them back to back in my iTunes library and it's no contest. But I'd hate to think we're offending the band by suggesting that a live recording is superior to the studio version they probably sweated blood over to perfect!
    there's another 'mash-up' with being watched used on it.
    Here's one vote for getting Send based on the longer edit of Nice Streets Above.
    This "Live At The Metro" cd with Send - was this a ltd ed? as i didnae get it!!!!
    It was a limited edition for the first 2000 copies of Send. Not really sure if it's available anywhere else... perhaps it could be added to the Pink Flag digital shop like the other OOP releases?
    Any opinions about Send Redux? Seems like a "for completists only" kind of release. I'll probably get it sooner or later, but I'm curious if anyone regards it as a sooner rather than later.