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    The Send Redux album was originally only available on vinyl, which is what made it the interesting release it was (at the time). The sound quality was excellent, which is what vinyl fans look for above all. Most of the R&B tracks were edited to the max, which also made the release different and unique. I personally wouldn't bother with the download version as all the tracks are available in their full form elsewhere.
    I got both albums the other day. Very good. I actually prefer them to 154 and Chairs Missing. Honestly. Send has that raw Wire sound, Object 47 has the songs. Most impressed.
    Buy it all.

    Mr Marx's Table & You Can't Leave Now (from SEND) are better than Daft Ants & Trash Treasure (RB2 only) and RB1 is essential for Germ Ship & IDU.

    He Knows...
    I thought the sound quality of the vinyl SEND was inferior to the CD.
    I also thought all the edited versions were inferior.
    depends what turntable/arm/cartridge combo you're using
    Ari - i think Mr H is taking the piss!!!
    "Oh No he is isn't..!"
    ...or which skip the turntable/arm/cartridge combo came out of!

    Any digital master to vinyl is inferior to CD to my ears.
    Keep vinyl analogue!