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    Does anyone think it's time to 'delete' some of the threads here, for example ask wire and concerts 2008 haven't had a visitor in several weeks, time to go? or leave 'em as is? some threads only have one or two postings, just thinking of the 'navigation' of the forum. A
    Why would you delete threads that haven't had visitors in a few weeks? They're handy for archival purposes.
    i'm pretty certain that with the album & the latest tour a lot of new people are getting into Wire right now. Just think of the wonderful back catalogue that they've got to look forward to.
    Craig is right, we're building an interesting knowledge archive of opinion & info in relation to the group. When i got into Wire, with the 7" release of Mannequin ( got sold a copy without the pic sleeve as i remember it came in the Harvest yellow/green/black bag ), if you wanted to know anything then you'd have to write to them at the EMI offices in Hayes. I did, & i got a reply from Bruce with a promo picture. Very nice too it was to hear from him, & i remember taking it to school the next day to show my mates. "Wire, who the 'eck are they..?"
    Thanks Bruce ( if you're looking in on here, though i doubt that you are.)
    Now with the internet you don't have to bother with all that nonsense...Perhaps we'll have to start bumping these old threads to rescue them.
    I agree with "sandblast", as a relative newbie to this forum it was intresting to spend a good few hours catching up with what you buggers had previous written..
    The other thing is that we've got links coming in from all over to various posts on this forum, mostly to what Colin's said. People link news articles and Wikipedia entries to his posts. Deleting them would therefore BREAK THE INTERNET, or something. And we wouldn't want to do that.

    Personally, I like forums with a big hunk of old threads, idling away the hours until oblivion. It shows that a board has history, and it provides a place for people to get an understanding of what a board is about.
    Spot on Craig - new members need to know what/who they're dealing with - they need to know that people know what they're talking about, as most people on this forum do.

    I personally still check back over old threads/posts and still enjoy doing so. There are a lot of very (Wire) knowledgeable people on this board with stories to tell and info to give - if that goes, the board will be diminished badly.

    Anyway, if you're a regular visitor to the board, the new posts (that you haven't yet read) are all shown in glorious pink when you next return, so you should miss nothing and be totally upto date with everyone else. I personally love the way the forum runs and couldn't think of a single way to improve it!