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    Always a good time!

    Here are mine:

    Pink Flag: Brazil, Mannequin, Lowdown.

    Chairs Missing: Marooned, Mercy, Outdoor Miner

    154: Map Ref, The 15th, 40 Versions

    Document & Eyewitness: Ally In Exile, Underwater Experiences, 5/10

    The Ideal Copy: Over Theirs, Cheeking Tounges, Ahead

    A Bell Is A Cup: Kidney Bingos, Free Falling Divisions, Follow The Locust

    IBTABA: It's A Boy, German Shepards, In Vivo

    Manscape: Small Black Reptile, Torch It!, A Craftman's Touch

    The First Letter: Slow & So It Grows, Tailor Made, It Continues

    Send: Mr. Marx's Table, Spent, 99.9

    O47: Perspex Icon, Mekon Headman, All Fours
    I was listening to this today...

    A Bell Is A Cup: Kidney Bingos, Boiling Boy, Come Back In Two Halves
    Mine are:

    Pink Flag: "Three girl rhumba", "Ex lion tamer", "Mannequin"
    Chairs Missing: "Practice makes perfect", "Outdoor miner", "I am the fly"
    154: "The 15th", "Once is enough", "Map Ref"
    The Ideal Copy: "Ahead", "Madman's honey", "Cheeking tongues"
    A Bell Is A Cup: "Silk skin paws", "Free falling divisions", "Kidney bingos"
    The First Letter: "So and slow it grows", "Footsie-footsie", "Tailor made"
    Send: "Mr. Marx table", "Being watched", "Spent"
    Object 47: "One of us", "Mekon headman", "All fours"

    Have to listen to Manscape more and get IBTABA and Document and Eyewitness.
    Assuming original studio albums only and not EPs...

    Pink Flag: Mannequin, Ex Lion Tamer, 106 Beats That
    Chairs Missing: Used To, Outdoor Miner, Another the Letter
    154: The 15th, Map Ref. 41ºN 93ºW, A Mutual Friend
    Ideal Copy: Ahead, Cheeking Tongues, Point of Collapse
    ABIAC: The Queen of Ur, Silk Skin Paws, Kidney Bingos
    IBTABA: Eardrum Buzz, Illuminated, Public Place
    Manscape: You Hung Your Lights..., Patterns of Behaviour, Small Black Reptile
    The Drill: In Every City?, Jumping Mint?, Arriving/Staying/Going?
    The First Letter: So and Slow it Grows, Footsi-Footsi, It Continues
    Send: 99.9, Mr. Marx's Table, In The Art of Stopping
    Object 47: Perspex Icon, All Fours, One Of Us
    here's my 2p's worth. someone gonna collate the results?!?!?!
    Pink Flag: Lowdown, Fragile, Feeling Called Love
    Chairs: Being Sucked In Again, I Feel Mysterious Today, I Am The Fly
    154: The Other Window, Single KO, Once Is Enough
    Ideal Copy: Feed Me, Ambitious, Cheeking Tongues
    Bell: Finest Drops, Boiling Boy, Public Place
    IBTABA: Eardrum Buzz, Finest Drops, Public Place
    Manscape: Torch It, Craftsman's Touch, Small Black Reptile
    1st Letter: It Continues, So & Slow It Grows, Tailor Made
    Send: 99.9, Agfers Of Kodak, Mr Marx's Table
    O47: Mekon Headman, Perspex Icon, Circumspect
    Go on i'll have a go.

    Pink Flag: Three Girl Rhumba, Strange, Feeling Call Love
    CM: French Film Blurred, Being Sucked in Again, Too Late
    154: I Should have Known Better, The 15th, Map Ref
    Ideal Copy: Ahead, Ambitious, Still Shows
    Bell is a Cup: Silk Skin Paws, Kidney Bingos, Boiling Boy
    Manscape: Morning Bell, Torch It, Children of Groceries,
    1st Letter: Take It, A Bargain at 3 and 20 Yeah!, So and Slow it Grows
    Send: Mr Marx's Table, Spent, 99.9
    O47: Perspex Icon, One of Us, All Fours?

    Of course this leaves several favourite tracks which aren't on the studio albums
    Our Swimmer, In Vivo, The Drill, Eardrum Buzz, Serious of Snakes, Wir:Vien etc.
    I'm still working my top threes out (they can change on a day to day basis, you know). But we should keep a tally and see what's the Wire top 20. Even better would be a knockout cup competition. The Wedding Present did in in one of their old websites. Weput all Wire songs into a hat and each day one song goes up against another and the forum folk vote on their personal favourite. It gives us a chance to decide on the merits of, say, Small Black Reptile against Brazil. The winner goes through to the next round and so on until we have an eventual champion in front of a full house at Wembley - or as a Scot, Hampden. I'll let Craig work it all out....
    "I'll let Craig work it all out.... "


    I ran the A List on Wireviews for years, and that still gives me nightmares. There were tentative plans to start something similar on, but it'd be a lot of work for relatively little reward, and so it's on the back-burner. If anyone else wants to tally the results from this thread, though, feel free, obviously.
    i'm that anal that i like lists & would consider it. however, it's now worth it until we have somewhat more replies than 5! dunno how many subsribe to this forum, but 5 dozen would make it worthwhile!
    Just three songs? Very hard...especially in the case of the golden three albums...

    Pink Flag: Reuters, Brazil, Ex-Lion Tamer
    Chairs Missing: Outdoor Miner, Another The letter, Being Sucked in Again (but Mercy really should be in there!)
    154: I should have known better, Blessed State, The 15th (although I really want Map Ref and 40 Versions in there too!)
    A Bell Is A Cup: Kidney Bingos, Come back in two halves, Finest Drops
    IBTABA: German Shepherds, Eardrum buzz, The Offer (if the single version of In Vivo was on this, it would have got a mention, the pseudo techno version isn't quite as good)
    Drill Drill Drill: Dugga, Dugga, Dugga
    The first letter: So and slow, Take it (excellent sample!), uhmm....
    Send (and EPS): Germ Ship, The Agfers of Kodack, 99.9% (it's all in the art of selecting)
    Object 47 : Mekon Headman, One of us, Circumspect
    Live at the Roxy Just don't care, Too True, TV (punk f**king rock!!)
    Pink Flag: Reuters, 106 Beats That, 12XU (sorry)
    Chairs Missing: Another the Letter, Marooned, Outdoor Miner
    154: I Should Have Known Better, The 15th, Map Ref. 41*N 93*W
    The Ideal Copy: The Point of Collapse, Ahead, Madman's Honey ("my name is Lubert Das")
    A Bell Is A Cup...: Silk Skin Paws, The Queen of Ur and the King of Um, Kidney Bingos
    IBTABA: German Shepherds, It's A Boy, The Offer
    Manscape: Life in the Manscape, Torch It!, The Morning Bell
    The Drill: In Every City?, Arriving/Staying/Going?, Did You Dugga?
    The First Letter: Take It (For Greedy), Looking At Me (Stop!), No Cows on the Ice
    Send: In the Art of Stopping, Mr. Marx's Table, Comet
    Object 47: One of US, Circumspect, Perspex Icon

    (that is very difficult and might read differently next week--o, fickle one)
    I can tell you my three favourites off O47

    1. All Fours
    2. Mekon Headman
    3. All the others


    1. 99.9
    2. Spent
    3. Most of the rest
    Hello world...

    Pink Flag: Lowdown, Ex Lion Tamer, Pink Flag
    Chairs Missing: Marooned, Outdoor Miner, Heartbeat
    154: The 15th, Blessed State, 40 Versions
    The Ideal Copy: Over Theirs, Ambitious, Cheeking Tongues
    A Bell is a Cup: Silk Skin Paws, Kidney Bingos, Boiling Boy
    Manscape: Torch It, Craftsman's Touch, Small Black Reptile
    The First Letter: So and Slow It Grows, It Continues, Take It
    Send: The Agfers Of Kodak, Mr Marx's Table, Trash/Treasure (ok, it's more pf456 redux than send to be precise)
    Object 47: Mekon Headman, Perspex Icon, All Fours
    Pink Flag: Fragile, 12XU, 106 Beats That
    Chairs Missing: Men 2nd, Another The Letter, Mercy
    154: Map Ref. 41ºN 93ºW, Two People In A Room, On Returning
    The Ideal Copy: Madman's Honey, Ahead, Cheeking Tongues
    A Bell is a Cup: Follow The Locust, The Queen of Ur and the King of Um, Boiling Boy
    It's Beginning To And Back Again: The Offer, Illuminated, Over Theirs
    Manscape: Sixth Sense, What Do You See?, Lights/Craftsman's
    The Drill: In Every City? (have to admit, that's as far as I get on that one)
    The First Letter: Ticking Mouth, A Big Glue Canal, Footsi Footsi
    Send: Nice Streets Above, Mr. Marx's Table, Half Eaten
    Object 47: Mekon Headman, One Of Us, All Fours

    Non-"proper" album catch-all: A Question Of Degree, Germ Ship, It Can't Be True Can It?
    It always changes. Just depends on the mood. I remember at some point I liked "Mr. Suit" but that song is my least favorite now. On Chairs missing I have liked "French Film Blurred" and "Sand In My Joints" and "Heartbeat". On Send I like "Germ Ship" and "I Don't Understand" and "Spent."
    Pink Flag: Ex Lion Tamer, Strange, Fragile
    Chairs Missing: Sand In My Joints, Heartbeat, Practice Makes Perfect
    154: Map Ref, 40 Versions, The 15th
    The Ideal Copy: Madman's Honey, Still Shows, A Serious Of Snakes (or Cheeking Tongues if extra CD tracks are not allowed)
    A Bell Is A Cup: Free Falling Divisions, It's A Boy, Follow the Locust
    IBTABA: German Shepherds, Boiling Boy, The Offer
    Manscape: Other Moments, Torch It, Patterns Of Behaviour
    The First Letter: Ticking Mouth, So And Slow (Single Mix), A Big Blue Canal
    Send: Mr Marx's Table, Comet, Agfers
    Object 47: One Of Us, Perspex Icon, All Fours

    Non-Album: 23 Years Too Late, No Warning Given, Desert Diving

    (Gawd, that was difficult!)

    1. Height
    2. Serious
    3. Drill
    Just to mention I read this a long ago.
    Still thinking about it...

    1. Over Theirs
    2. Ahead
    3. Feed Me

    1. Public Place
    2. Its A Boy
    3. Boiling Boy