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    From Red Barked Tree: Bad Worn Thing, Now Was, Please Take
    I thought this thread looked vaguely familiar. My favourite tracks on RBT seem to change with every listening. At the moment they are: Please Take, Smash and Moreover.

    But Adapt, Clay and Two Minutes could make the step up at any moment....
    Late in the day and completely off the top of my head, have probably missed out a retrospective album or two ...

    PF - reuters, mannequin, feeling called love
    CM - french film blurred, marooned, used to (so sad to have to leave out sand in my joints)
    154 - map ref, the 15th, a single KO
    D+E - witness to the fact, relationship, everything's going to be nice
    IC - ahead, ambitious, the point of collapse
    ABIAC - i prefer diff versions to the actual LP tracks, but anyway: it's a boy (IBTABA version is best), silk skin paws (7" is best) , follow the locust
    MANSCAPE - goodbye ploy, you hung.../craftsman's touch, it can't be true can it (it's on my Jap CD so I'm counting it!)
    IBTABA - very difficult to choose: initial choices are german shepherds, public place, it's a boy ... but then where does that leave 'the offer' ??? and in vivo is fantastic, but not this version: the 7" is the best ...
    DRILL - er ... don't think i'll bother with this one, sorry!
    FIRST LETTER - so and slow (7" mix), er ... i'd have to play it again ... but don't want to !
    SEND - lots! and which version? i tend to play the vinyl version ... or my own comp, 'read>burn>send' (ho ho) ... much better than 'send ultimate' ... whether they're on the Send orig CD or not, I choose: I don't understand, art of stopping, germ ship
    O47 - don't like it ...
    RBT - don't like it ... there's one that sounds like Swell Maps' 'Ripped and Torn' that is okay, but not as good as the original!

    The big problem of course is that this 'best of LP tracks' doesn't allow for (surprise) non-LP tracks ... so it's hard to place top faves like
    outdoor miner 7"
    silk skin paws 7"
    the offer
    in vivo 7"

    And of course ultra-essentials like a serious of snakes, advantage in height, second length ...

    From some retro releases:

    T+S - safe, lorries, a panamanian craze
    COATINGS - can't think off the top of my head: sorry!
    BEHIND THE CURTAIN - oh no not so, stepping off too quick, former airline

    Mind you, if I included Play Pop, On Returning, In The Pink etc etc I'm sure I could include lots more from the 'real' albums and singles, too!

    When compiling an 80m best of cdr for 77-80, I had to omit essential tracks ... when doing the mute-era cdr I managed to select either 14 or 16 tracks (can't remember off-hand) but wouldn't really have wanted any more even if I had room ... BUT the mute-era best of comp is one of my most played discs, so i tend to love more from 'mark 1' BUT whereas I love a lot less from mark 2, and dislike a fair bit thereof, the really good 14 or 16 tunes are amongst my favourite music ever ...

    Is that even vaguely relevant? Only to say: it's easy to pick a few from the mute era, but very very hard to pick just 3 apiece from the EMI albums ...

    But enough is enough ...
    hippriest said: "FIRST LETTER - so and slow (7" mix), er ... i'd have to play it again ... but don't want to !"

    GO ON!! Listen to Ticking Mouth at decent volume and a relaxed mood and tell me thats not an underrated song.....
    • CommentAuthorcc says...
    • (CommentTimeJan 27th 2011)
    so far from RBT: "Adapt" and title track (in fact these two keep combining in my head, so I'll just count them as one!), "Bad Worn Thing," and "Two Minutes," which I had to hear in CD quality for it to click for me.
    Top 3 from RBT:

    Adapt (Best Wire Mk III song in my opinion)
    Bad Worn Thing
    Red Barked Trees
    Using the cd versions so that singles and ep's are included …
    PF: Pink Flag, Strange, Reuters
    CM: Practice Makes Perfect, Question of Degree, Former Airline
    154: Map Ref, Two People in a Room, 40 Versions
    D & E: Underwater Experiences, Our Swimmer, Ally in Exile
    TIC: Drill, A Serious of Snakes, Ahead
    ABiaC: Kidney Bingos, Pieta, Free Falling Divisions
    IBTABA: Boiling Boy, Eardrum Buzz (12"), The Offer
    Manscape: Children of Groceries, Other Moments, You Hung Your Lights/Craftsman's
    The First Letter: So and Slow It Grows, Ticking Mouth, Sexy and Rich
    Send: Mr. Marx, 99.9, Read and Burn (so many could round out my third choice)
    O47: All Fours, One of Us, Mekon
    RBT: Moreover, Bad Worn Thing, Please Take
    • CommentAuthorcc says...
    • (CommentTimeJan 28th 2011)
    my third from O47, in addition to the first and last tracks: "Four Long Years." Not really Wire-y in any way, to me, but a satisfying track.
    Reply to OZWIRE:

    I played Ticking Mouth and yes, it definitely has something, with a nice vocal melody, but unfortunately the vocals themselves kill it and I can't stand that dreadful farty bass keyboard sound, a nice sustained synth-strings effect would have worked so much better, adding to the melancholy tone of the song. It's also way too long: at half its length it would have left the listener actually wanting more!

    But it is without a doubt one of the few decent tunes on the LP, I played much of it after this track and found it generally unlistenable ... complete absence of melody, variety and inspiration! In fact, much worse than RBT, even! (ho ho)

    Actually I remember having basically had it with Wir(e) at this point, and was kind of relieved when they called it a day (as was my wallet) ... I didn't like Manscape, The Drill or The First Letter, and felt personally insulted by the dreadful Manscape gig at the Hibernian club. So and Slow It Grows was such a great single, too - but thanks to an outside remixer! I also saw them at Reading doing their Manscape set and was similarly disappointed, but the sun was warm, and The Fall, The Wedding Present and The Fatima Mansions were just spiffing. So all was well by the end of the weekend. Hooray!
    After very careful consideration I shall add ...

    RBT: A Flat Tent, Bad Worn Thing, Red Barked Trees

    ... to my aforementioned list.
    Hippriest said >> "Actually I remember having basically had it with Wir(e) at this point, and was kind of relieved when they called it a day (as was my wallet) ... I didn't like Manscape, The Drill or The First Letter, and felt personally insulted by the dreadful Manscape gig at the Hibernian club. So and Slow It Grows was such a great single, too - but thanks to an outside remixer!"

    Sir! Had it!? With Wire!!!!??? Never sir! Never!

    I was at that Hibernian gig too and the only thing that spoilt it was the crap crowd who didn't move an inch, and stayed at the back drinking at the lousy keyhole bar! Mind you the venue was as naff as an Over 40s disco and looked like a cub scout hall. However, with the loss of Mr Grey substituted by a Mr Drum Loops, the band didn't bother with the usual half new stuff, half old stuff set and just did the old stuff we hadn't expected! I remember "Advantage In Height" was outstanding that night.

    I assume your opinion of The First Letter will never change as well. However, yes SASIG was a superb single (pseudo house said John Peel in the NMEs singles page the week of its release and still only made it second single of the week!) TFL is still a really good LP and so of its time (and maybe even now ctoo, considering the banker bashing it was giving on "Take It" and "Footsi-footsi". but it did give us "Looking At Me (Stop!)" and if you throw in the LFO/Orb single remixes plus the all time great "Nice From Here" on the single this was a good time to be a Wire fan. My wallet was severely hit in those horrible Thatcher/Major days but there was some great Wire gigs (Electric Ballroom was better)

    I recently played TFL for the first time since it came out, and couldn't get all the way through! Sorry ...

    When I said 'had it with Wir', I still kept buying all the gubbins because I am way too dumb to give up on any of my fave artists without having bought loads of duds! I bought three dreadul Bob Mould albums/countless singles before giving him the boot ... for Frank Black, I kept persevering for about five or six years after the wonderful Teenager Of The Year but had to call it a day after the awful Dog In The sand (good songs ruined by awful playing and production) ... but my all-time low was buying Fall albums/singles for 11 years after their final good one. ELEVEN YEARS!! And all the different versions too ... and imports on coloured vinyl ... or with different artwork ... good grief ... what a waste of money ... just in the hope that there might be a reform to form one day ... big joke on me, eh?

    But back to Wire: one particular point that you made does bring memories. When 'Ahead' began at the Hibernian, I was still young and silly enough to jump/pogo/whatever at just the point when the song kicks in after the intro ... and I was mortified that they had basically slowed it to a crawl by stripping it of everything that made it great! I looked a right prat and my companion ribbed me mercilessly ... so we went and sat in that grotty bar area and sulked. The Inspiral Carpets were sitting there, too ... looking bored and boring!

    On the subject of crap crowds: don't even get me started on this subject, I could rant on forever about talkers/ troublemakers/etc ... but when I saw WIRE at The Garage in 2000, I was beside myself with anger! The gig was fantastic and rocked like a very rocking thing ... and despite not being quite as sprightly as in 1989, I nevertheless felt myself possessed by the urge to dance, jump, what have you .... throughout the whole gig. Unfortunately, I seemed to be the only person so moved by the fantastic explosion of sound surrounding me. Everyone else just stood there blankly, clutching their pints to their chests, with bored expressions on their faces, looking as though they saw Wire every Sunday lunchtime at their local pub and that this was anything but a momentous moment.

    I felt pretty bloody self conscious but I was enjoying myself and managed to avoid bumping into others for the most part (I am a caring and considerate mosher!). But the worst was yet to come ... when Mannequin was played, the whole front area went mental and started flying all over the place. I HATE it when that happens. Why just dance to the 'hit' and not all the other great oldies they played that night?!? I find that to be so pretentious ... 'oh we're too cool to dance but we'll go loopy for the 'famous' one' ... which is actually a pretty UNcool attitude, really!

    Unfortunately Colin compounded the pretentiousness by saying afterwards, 'Bet you didn't expect to hear THAT one, did you?'. As if Wire should only be expected to play the more 'challenging' songs and not the pop tunes. One look through the 'favourite songs' lists should show that people love the pop ... I have never understood this attitude (in many bands) that even though they may record many poppy tunes, they won't play them live ... as if they're ashamed of them ... great pop is a wonderful thing, and the ability to write and record a good SONG should be cherished and amde available to the world!

    Anyway, it was a fantastic gig and, except for the Flag:Burning show, my last Wire gig. :(


    You have some lovely Wire memories there and I too was also at the Garage 2000 gig, you sure you didn't bash me down the front, I did and still do pogo when I go (as I will tonight at the Scala hopefully). The Hibernian gig was most definitely not a great night but was redeemed months later at the Electric Ballroom.

    Since this is the "choose your three favourite LP tracks thread," I'd better get on with it at some stage! Just to point out, I was not a fan of The Drill LP, so will probably leave that one out. Is it okay to include Coatings and Turns And Strokes?

    I promise not to mosh with my beer tonight. Hope you are going Mr Priest.