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    Thought i'd start a wee thread about this band as the original line-up is gigging early next year! share some similarities with Wire in that they (well Devoto) was in in a 'punk' band b4 branching out into something different & new & totally original. Like Wire, they were also very danceable - well back then b4 my knees & back went!!

    i'll wager there's a fair few on this forum that like 'em!!!

    12/13 February @ The Forum, Kentish Town (c u there!)
    14 February in Manchester (soory, cannae remember venue)
    Secondhand Daylight is one of my all-time favorite albums. I hope they decide to come to the states!
    i'll keep my fingers x'd 4 ya!
    "Permafrost" was a song that was never off my turntable when a youth.
    Its still one of my top songs. Great shout for Mgazine.
    Saw them at Lancaster Uni, late '78, with the late great John McGeogh on guitar.
    I remember they stopped playing halfway through one song to get those that were gobbing thrown out.
    Live i thought they were very "cinematic." I'm sure they used to start with The Light Pours Out of Me. During the lengthy intro to that song Howard emerged from behind the curtain that they used as a backdrop.
    Back to Nature/ Song from Under the Floorboards...Great stuff! Hope that they arrive with a new bunch of songs as well as the old stuff.
    Any idea who the guitarist is..?
    I'm singing it now..."I am angry, i am ill & i'm as ugly as sin."
    a special 'guest' guitarist is yet to be announced.

    I can hear you sandblast, but yer rather muffled from 'under the floorboards'!
    Maybe that Nico guy from Luxuria or Robin Simon from Ultravox?

    Magazine was my favorite band for a time before I listened to 154 WIRE.
    Tickets are on sale via Ticketmaster. Works out about £29 all in for London.
    get 'em for a quid cheaper via ticketless & immediate booking - it's the way forward!!!

    by your username, i guess you like PiL? another band worthy of their own thread & very akin to Wire & Magazine. Not sure how likely it is, but i would LOVE a PiL tour!!! their 1st 3 lp's took some beating back in the very mediocre post-punk era of awful bland jingly-jangly new romantic lead keyboard dross!!!
    I think a Pil reunion would be great, but Jah Wobble is always busy with his own world music stuff & he's not the sort for looking back. Added to that John Lydon is happy giving his pension the occasional top up with reforming the Pistols for the odd mini-tour.
    Metal Box was a terrific album though, wasn't it..? Perhaps as a live entity though best consigned to history...
    I'm singing it now..."Drive to the forest in a japanese car, Poptones..."
    yeah - it's obvious from things like Fodderstomp & (just about all of) Metal Box that both Lydon & Wobble were into dub. i saw 'em live a coupla times & it was great - especially Annalisa. At Brixton Academy when a fight kicked off at the front - i nearly got trampled underfoot in the rush to get to the back of the hall!!

    good times!
    Lydon/Wobble is not a problem.

    Lydon/Levine is the problem.

    Don't hold your breath.

    Lydon seems to have probs with junkies - understandably, mind. it's just a shame cos this partic (ex?)junkie guitarist is somewhat more talented than his other 'bassist' mate!

    i think yer right Mark, a PiL reuniion is pretty unlikely, but then it doesnae have to include Levine - the amount of differnt line-ups behind Lydon almost reached Fall proprtions!
    Yeah, but would you really want to see the 'This is not a love song' band?

    Lydon seems in no mood to revive PiL in any form, and personally I'd have little interest in anything except a Lydon/Lebine/Wobble version. Without them, it might as well be a JL solo show.

    PiL fan, guilty as charged! There was me thinking I was being covert. LOL

    I think there will be PiL at some point, but not any time soon. And whether Wobble will be involved is debatable. If Magazine can get it together to play live then hopefully PiL can. There aren't many bigger PiL fans than John Lydon, I'm sure it's only a matter of time. Hopefully.

    Rumour has it that it won't be a 'name' playing guitar for Magazine, which is no big deal, though it would have been nice to have someone like Johnny Marr. Either way, it'll be a great show.
    I am quite interested in the Magazine reunion. Been a fan since 1980 or so, and their CDs are still in regular rotation in my car. Adamson and Formula are great musicians. I have also been listening to Devoto's Jerky Version of the Dream lately. I can't imagine how they will replace McGeoch though. Looking at all the Magazine clips on YouTube, you can view a McGeoch-less Magazine with Robin Simon, I believe, on guitar. He seems to do a capable part, but groups really are the sum and chemistry of the individuals, and McGeoch was an indispensable part of that chemistry. Having said that, I think Magazine deserve much more recognition than they ever got back in the day. I also think I must be the only person in the U.S. to have the opening chords of "Philadephia" as my ringtone on my iPhone. :-)

    San Jose, CA
    1. I just heard a techno dance track with the vocal of Religion on it. Anyone know what this is?

    2. Lydon is making butter ads. Now after summer he could be crappy, depending on the COMPANIES. Is the man a perspex eye con?

    3. Magazine have yet to choose their guitarist. I know form the horse's mouth, actually the Formula's mouth, that it is not J. Marr. My money'd be on Pete Shelley, actually.

    4. Check January issue of FLUX magazine to find out the truth from drugs from outer space.
    What I read recently it seems like Lydon and Wobble could do something in the future. Wobble tried to collaborate with Martin Adkins, and it fell apart. Keith Levene seems more interested in pissing people off, than playing music.
    Spoke to J. Lydon around the time his book came out. He admitted to being a big Wire fan, though they were not part of the "scene" (which is one reason he liked them).
    would love to see a PiL reunion, but not holding my breath. but then again JR denied for years that he ever do another Pistols
    gig. so who knows? saw the first SP reunion tour at Roseland in NY. Fairly sloppy performance by Mr Rotten. seems like the old
    chap had a bad case of whiskey dick. felt more bored than cheated. and btw regarding the recent SP tour, Lydon would be ranting and raving like a motherf&*^$r if anybody else was doing this. nevermindthesexpistolshererthbollocks is undeniably a great album, but how many times can they play these songs? a "real" artist would at least attempt to create some new stuff.
    Rotten has become everything he's purported to despise: a fat, lazy, money grubbing drunk. who is his core audience? football
    hooligans. gimme a break. and half the time he's blathering nonsense (the other half he's brilliant). love the old bastard!