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    Read that last nights set at Oxford was as follows (look away now if you don't want to know!!)

    *The Light Pours Out of Me (with epic intro)
    *Model Worker (with Obama reference)
    *The Honeymoon Killers (with one sassy lady from the support band)
    *Because You're Frightened
    *You Never Knew Me (with the same sassy femme)
    *Rhythm of Cruelty (following mention of McGeoch)
    *This Poison (with sassy femme again)
    *A Song from Under the Floorboards
    *The Book
    *Twenty Years Ago/Definitive Gaze (a seemless medley)
    *Shot By Both Sides
    *Thank You (fallentime...)
    2nd encore:
    *I Love You Big Dummy

    Can't wait now!
    Stunning. Great set list and outstanding opener. That said I can think of hardly any duff Magazine songs. They're mostly all bleedin' marvellous - a great legacy. The Book ? That's curious choice for a live one, unless they've reworked it... One more day to go and I'm champing at the bit. I thought about Modelworker, and that it'd have to be I know that Obama will look after me. If this was a mere few months ago, it'd be hard to imagine him mentioning Bush in the same light, because he was such a cunt, but then again so was Reagan, who was mentioned originally. I suppose he could've have said I know that Bush won't look after me...
    better leave the pub on time if i wanna catch The Light!!! should be a set closer!
    "I thought about Modelworker, and that it'd have to be I know that Obama will look after me. If this was a mere few months ago, it'd be hard to imagine him mentioning Bush in the same light, because he was such a soansoanaoanso"

    OOPS! Some call the censor!

    I always thought the line about the president looking after the model worker was ironic, or from the standpoint of someone who'd been conned.

    Not to complain but I'd happily substitute 'Give Me Everything' and 'Touch and Go' for Big Dummy & Thank You! I guess I prefer their original songs to the covers!
    o.k so it's friday already, where are the reviews from last night?
    Well, Thursday night was outstanding. They were perfect. Immaculate. Dressed to the nines and having a ball. The songs sounded magnificent, and still sounded fresh three decades on. They honoured their brilliant legacy with such confidence and good humour. Very infectious. Noko did a flawless job of channeling McGeoch's spirit. The set list was very well chosen I thought, ending on the playful covers. What will be interesting to see is if they create some new material in the near future. Talking with Dave Formula afterwards, this didn't seem entirely beyond the bounds of possibility, though John Doyle was more cautious: "One thing at a time". It's really their year though, what with this tour, a DVD from the tour later in the year and a book... it's all going on ! And, of course, Formula's new album, Satellite Sweetheart, which features Devoto's vocals on one track.

    Guardian review here
    Saturday night in Manchester, they were amazing. The set list was as posted earlier (if I remember correctly, I had been loosening up for several hours!) Obviously well rehearsed and confident, you would think they'd never been away. Highlights for me would be Definitive Gaze (the way it segued from 20 Years Ago was sublime), Parade, Motorcade and Permafrost. Shame there was no Back to Nature, surely one of their better songs. Opening with the Thin Air and straight to Light Pours Out of Me worked really well.
    2 minor niggles. Noko not being mentioned on the merchandise - or is he not going to be with them in an ongoing capacity? He filled McGeogh's shoes magnificently (as expected, his playing on the Luxuria albums is sublime). The other niggle would be the price of merchandise - shirts especially - £20? Is that the norm these days? £10 or 15 yeah, but that is excessive. Still had to have one though!
    Overall an excellent weeked and gig for me. I'm bloody knackered now though!!! Wish I could be bothered to do the three hours drive to go on Tuesday.
    "Opening with the Thin Air and straight to Light Pours Out of Me worked really well."

    Did they actually play Thin Air in Manchester ? Would've been really great if it was live in London - felt a bit pointless to play it over the PA while the curtains were still down.

    "The other niggle would be the price of merchandise - shirts especially - £20? Is that the norm these days?"

    It does seem a bit excessive, but they have you by the short 'n' curlies really - if you want it enough you'll push the boat out...

    Easy choice for me not to buy one as I didn't like any of the designs ! Would've prefered one of the original sleeve designs, especially Seconhand Daylight.
    Mmm, I assumed they played it behind the curtain, but it could easily have been the PA. As I said I'd been ahem, preparing for the gig since early afternoon, so I'm pretty pleased I'd remembered they played it at all...

    Price of T shirts is a minor quibble, If they'd been a bit less I might have got two, so they lose out really. And would you pay £50 for an art print?

    Still it was a fantastic gig, and a magnificent comeback. I hope that's it's not the end.
    I'm no Magazine expert. For me being a yoof of the late 80s early 90s they kind of got bumped off my Radar by certain other Manchester bands and seemed to be a footnote...even written off as a Buzzcocks side-project, and maybe a bit too goth for the late 80s, bit too proggy for the 90s. I've gone out of my way to investigate as they were oft mentioned in the same breath as Wire and other bands I liked..hence I found myself for once feeling a bit younger than the rest of the crowd on the Saturday night having just celebrated my 36th birthday!

    The huge, sustained roar of ovation they got after the first number was one of those very special gig moments and the sense of occasion was infectious...legendary Manchester band, in Manchester, on a Saturday night...come on!. And with Mr Devoto on stage! without whom no Pistols at the Free Trade Hall, possibly no Indie or New Wave as we no it and that massive cheer was quite possibly not just for giving us Spiral Scratch and the impressive Magazine songbook..but for basically inventing er..everything!.

    I loved all the theatrical trappings, the spoken word intro, the way the band started the extended intro in darkness, the way curtains rolled back as they kicked into 'The Light...", Devoto's cryptic between-song banter and reading from a giant storybook on a lecturn, the dapper suits, and best of all Barry Adamsons superb Top Hat & Red ruffled shirt combo.
    Devoto was a mesmirising presence throughout, particularly when pretending to be an aeroplane during 'Definitive Gaze' and the whole band really gave it their all and created a far more engaging and ferocious noise than many a band i've seen in the notoriously cavernous Academy 1. Just pure class.

    What really struck me is what a fantastic combination of musicians, and what a brilliant natural frontman Devoto is and what a shame it would be if just stopped they really have better things to do than be in Magazine?! I'd like to see them in a smaller venue with new songs, playing as a going concern like Wire do.
    Happy birthday Tim... Magazine gig on your birthday ? Some present that !

    Yes, there was an incredibly infectious sense of enthusiasm and enjoyment in the playing. I expected Devoto to be more withdrawn, but he was positively gambolling about the place like a sprightly little spring lamb ! He looked so healthy and happy, beaming in fact. "Radiant sir, radiant !" Not bad for 56...

    It'd be nuts to stop there. I think they could make a killing now.
    The art prints were rather excessive at fifty quid (seventy five if you want them signed!!), but I've got to say that the Real Life one looked great in a frame. Didn't get one but I couldn't help thinking it would magnificent over m fireplace!

    Anyway...yeah, great gig. Not perfect as I didn't like all of Formula's contributions - he was off here and there and one of his keboards sounded very shrilly, but really that's a minor gripe. The rest of the band were magnificent.

    I'll write up my thoughts more fully when I get chance, but I just wanted to say thet they were very, very good!
    My photos can be seen here. Best of a bad lot unfortunately as security stopped me from using flash about two songs in. From a photographic point of view, the stage lighting was awful - very dark, with Devoto the only properly lit member of the band, though he was constantly on the move so he was hard to catch. Most of the time, a lot of the lights just twirled about in a very random manner, and most were coming from behind the band ! A lot of venues seem to do this now. I can't understand the logic. In order to cope with the low light levels I had to use fairly slow exposures, so a lot of them are not the sharpest or the brightest (I was using film). About 60% of them were unuseable as they were so blurred. Rather frustrating ! Clarity, in this case, did not rear its ugly head !
    "Most of the time, a lot of the lights just twirled about in a very random manner, and most were coming from behind the band! "

    some good shots of Devoto. i like the blue guitar player. if you still shoot film you can "push" the film 1 or 2 stops, and have the lab extend the time of development. pics will be a bit more contrasty, but sharper as the shutter speed will be 2x (or 4X) as fast.

    I absolutely hate back-lighting at shows. it's rarely done in a manner that's not totally annoying. the only time i can remember it being well done was Bowie's station to station tour. i think Radiohead used it a lot on their last tour, led lighting, i believe.
    Animal Collective used it last month and i found it to be a big distraction. if the idea is to not focus on the band, but rather to
    accentuate the music it's not working.
    i'll agree with everything posted on here about the band being f'ing great (cos they were) & the EXCELLENT backdrop. personally, i wasnae too sure about the set selection (i'd rather have just heard Real Life & a selection of others), but i (& others) thought Devoto was somewhat disappointing! My mate said he got the impression that he was just going throught the motions & i thought that his delivery was, er, ....odd! either there are concerns about his voice - i thought he was just speaking his lyrics rather than singing 'em - or he was just taking the piss!
    Well....theres this woman I need to impress

    There were no twirling lights here you bunch of whingers! Just Barry Adamson in a f**king cool hat.
    Not on the opening number, but after that the lighting man lost the run of himself, or switched everything to autopilot...
    My review of the excellent Mcr gig is now on-line.

    I should point out that the ratings on evilsponge are out of 7 and not 10, in case you think I'm being a bit miserly! ; )
    I thought Dave Formula was a bit too high in the mix for a couple of songs but otherwise I've no complaints. I never saw McGeoch play but I thought Moloko or whatever his name is did a fine performance, just the right side of Flashy I thought. Good to see Keith managed to shoehorn in a Glam reference and a mention of Sparks in his review! At least he managed to avoid using the words "Bolanesque Swagger..." ;)
    Ha! I believe the correct term though is "Bolanic"! ; )