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    It's all a load of Bolanics if you ask me.
    "It's all a load of Bolanics if you ask me."

    Never mind the Bolanics...
    ""Opening with the Thin Air and straight to Light Pours Out of Me worked really well."

    Did they actually play Thin Air in Manchester ? " asked Fergus.

    No it was the intro music but I was glad of it as I was in the upstairs bar at the first Manchester gig and abandoned the drink so as not to miss the start of the gig and ended up not drinking until the aftershow thing where Starbase 109 played an amusing set. Am I right in thinking Colin was raving about them a while back?

    Devoto has always sang the words slightly differently live to the recorded versions, have a listen to Play or the new bootleg.
    I got the impression of a man looking through an old photo book and laughing at memories of his younger more miserable self.

    I liked the intro to BCYFrifgtened "I love this riff" yeah me too! But the song that really got me going was "Rhythm of Cruelty."

    Anyway, the only small niggle I had was that on the fist night I'd have liked to have heard more distortion on guitar for Shot by Both Sides. I was right down the front with the shuffling people the second night when it kicked in and the energy of it meant I didn't notice the distortion level.

    I think they got the right man in Noko, especially if they plan to write new songs. I heard rumours that The Edge and Margaret the Guitarist were in the running as well as Richard Hawley...

    I told Barry Adamson, Dave Formula and John Doyle that I thought more Magazine would be a great idea.
    Dave Formula is also very enthusiastic about continuing the Soap opera.
    The Edge ?? I find that very hard to believe...
    Last time there was a rumoured Magazine reunion (about 4-5 years ago IIRC) the two names that seemed to be in the frame were Malcolm Ross (ex-Josef K/Orange Juice etc) and, er, John Frusciante...

    Edge (consistently U2's redeeming feature)certainly sponged a lot of his chops off JMcG and other post-punk guitarists, so not an unreasonable shout.

    Except that The Edge is a very poor guitarist in comparison to McGeogh (or indeed Noko) - I would have thought he would struggle to get close to the J Mc sound.
    My disbelief stems not from ability, more from the idea of a cult post-punk band like Magazine having a mega-rich world dominating band's guitarist stand in for McGeoch... would Magazine really want to have their shows 'overshadowed' by his presence ? Or would Edge fancy 'slumming' it a bit in comparison with what he's used to ?

    Noko is just right. In a parallel universe, he could have been a Magazine guitarist all these years.
    Magazine hit the festival circuit this summer, with appearances at Benacassim, Latitude, and Electric Picnic (their first Irish appearance).
    Magazine have just announced they're to play the RFH on September 1st.
    Wonder if they'll have any new material by then? Or a different set list!
    Don't know why, but my gut feeling is that they'll not have any new material... perhaps a somewhat re-jigged set-list, but I reckon they're going to ride the crest of re-union euphoria for a while...
    If you wanna get pre-sale tx available to Magazines myspaz friends call the box office on 0871 663 2500 - and quote the password ‘SOAP’.
    Does this imply they've cleaned up their act? (I'll get me coat)
    NEWS :
    At the end of August and creeping into September, Magazine, embark
    on a 3-city outing performing ‘The Soap Show : Episode 2009’.
    This show will cull it’s content from the evergreen and continually
    critically acclaimed third album ‘The Correct Use Of Soap’.
    This jaunt starts at The Bridgewater Hall in Manchester on Saturday
    August 29, picks up a pace and onto The Picture House in Edinburgh
    on Sunday August 30 and stops rolling at The Royal Festival Hall
    on London’s South Bank come September 1.

    On July 1, Magazine will be releasing a brand new live DVD + CD
    ‘Real Life + Thereafter : Live at Manchester Academy 17.02.09’
    as a limited edition – available only through the Wire–Sound
    Am I a model worker?

    Magazine are playing in Sheffield on my birthday...

    John Doyle's blog has a very interesting description of some rather lively goings-on (to say the least) at Magazine's Benacasim show, which had to be abandoned seven songs in owing to very high winds... the line "the weather's variable" has come back, not just to haunt them, but rather to unceremoniously slap them in the face...
    Sheffield was awesome.
    Smaller venue than Manchester, shorter set, but more wired & intense.
    Support band Gilded Palace of Sin were alos much better than the polite ladies in Manchester who did backing vocals on songs they ditched this time round.

    We got to hear Sweetheart Contract, Give Me Everything & my favourite birthday present ever, Philadelphia!
    "my favourite birthday present ever, Philadelphia"
    I'm a party stuck upside down!
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