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    Magazine are appearing on Later with Jools Holland broadcast Live Tuesday 13th Oct 2009, 22:00, BBC Two and on 16th Oct 2009, 23:35, BBC Two.
    Can't wait!

    As Wire's contemporaries (GO4 last week, Andy Williams* this week, Magazine next week) are all appearing on Later, perhaps Colin can put his away his loathing of the programme and try and get Wire or Githead some exposure?

    * Alright. I was being naughty.
    • CommentAuthorAri says...
    • (CommentTimeOct 6th 2009 edited)
    no not naughty, but to do what Radiohead did would be 'the ticket' (they refused to go on unless Jools promised not to insist on playing with them
    I thought it was The Fall who stipulated that, not Radiohead....not that I can imagine how you would graft Boogie-Woogie piano onto either band. The Fall perhaps more than Radiohead. Its a myth anyway. Jools rarely plays with the bands actually unless it's warranted as with the Charlie Watts band last week.
    Good to know that Magazine will be beamed into peoples homes, that should be good.
    it should be good - as long as Howard's trousers meet his shoes!!!!
    Nobody's mentioned the DVD out now of their first reunion gig in Manchester. Awesome IMHO. Great sound, great performance and all on top form. I forgot how good John Doyle is.
    Picture and sound are indeed top notch but the editor's got ants in his pants - the cuts are far too rapid (no more than about 2-3 seconds on each player), and for my money get rather wearing after a while. I hate all those pointless ceiling camera swoops. They aren't some Nu-Metal band. It's interesting to compare with the Forum footage as there were less cameras, so it's much more straight ahead. I enjoyed the rehearsal footage. Could've watched more of that. For the most part a good document to have, but the editing kind of ruined it for me.

    Has anyone read Helen Chase's biography ? At about 160 pages it's a bit slim, and a bit workaday in it's approach. Reasonable back story on each member (didn't realise Formula was the same age as Bruce), and a good sense of what went into the albums, but she's very weak on overall context, wiggling out with phrases like "much has been written about the scene of the late 70s etc., etc...".

    But, rather criminally to my mind there is very little analysis of Devoto's lyrics, which is very frustrating to say the least, for such an intriguing lyricist. There's occasional tantalising glimpses, but she should have pushed that area far more. Inexcusable really.
    Blimey, but Magazine were on fire on Jools tonight with Shot By Both Sides sounding incredibly tight, fresh and urgent. Inspiring stuff. Roll on Friday for a couple more !
    @ the (RED) Nights Benefit for people w AIDS last week @ carnegie hall, gavin friday, courtney love and the edge did a 'pounding' version of the "the light pours out of me":
    Saw the Jools Holland thing last night. Magazine were great. Any ideas whether there will be more stuff on the Friday night programme?
    Apparently they'll be doing Shot By Both Sides again, as well as A Song From Under The Floorboards and The Light Pours Out Of Me. Brilliant choice of songs. There'll also be an interview with Devoto and Formula. For those who missed the show, it can be viewed on the BBC iPlayer, though only in the UK, where the TV ad for iPlayer has Lauren Laverne saying "Making the unmissable unmissable" Whereas outside the UK, it's more a case of making the unmissable unwatchable...
    someone could always capture and post to youtube.............
    Checked youtube earlier and it hadn't been posted.

    However, you can watch it again here (Those in the UK can anyway, not sure about everyone else). It's about 5 mins in.

    Howie's rather funny - he's like a cross between some Dickensian character and Dr Evil!

    Don't forget Friday's show!!
    Howie's rather funny - he's like a cross between some Dickensian character and Dr Evil!

    that's why i'm rather disappointed in the reformed band! as much as i rate the band (& i do cos i saw 'em at t'Forum), but Devoto's theatrical vocalisation is, well, too theatrical. I don't know why he does it - it spoils it for me!
    I thought he was great when I saw him in Manchester in Feb. The only thing I didn't liek was some of Formula's sounds, but really this is a small complaint. They were fab!
    The completely wonderful Shot By Both Sides is now on YouTube.
    Last night was such a treat with Floorboards and Light as well as Shot, though, I don't know if anyone noticed it but Formula's level seemed to disappear for several seconds just as they zoomed in on him at one point during Floorboards. Of course Devoto had to be playing chess with Rosalie Cunningham (backing singer) when the camera does its band pan at the beginning of the show ! And the interview too ! Spoilt we were. Was it just me, or did Devoto look a little uncomfortable in the interview ? Who was the drummer on the OGWT footage ? Didn't look like Martin Jackson...
    The drummer on OGWT was Paul Spencer. I think he just played the european dates in September '78 and OGWT.
    Thanks for that Sean.
    Keith:yep, only available in the U.K, stupid innit.............