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    What a performance! Looked great, sounded great. They even tried (and failed) to get a good shot of Howie's hand as it was thrust out in front of the spotlights as he sang "the light pours out of me". It would have been magnificent.

    Is it just me but I keep asking where the modern variants of such class are hiding?

    Goosebump inducing stuff indeed. Translates well to the small screen, and the band are just ever so elegant and theatrical.
    Hopefully Uri some younger bands will be watching and taking notes.
    Thanx Fergus
    Yes, great performances of all three songs. Jools attempted interview with Howard and Dave was cringeworthy. He is the most inept interviewer I have ever seen. If he likes the music of the person he interviews he is usually fawning and embarrassing to watch and when he doesn't really know much he just relies on the clip-board and makes a complete hash of it.
    As for the rest of the show...the less said the better.
    Devoto's a funny little man. He talks lugubriously as though imparting great pearls of wisdom, with deep nods of the head, cards played close to his chest with Buddha tenacity. All very reasonable, nothing untoward. But just a bit... strange...

    When asked what they were about to play, he answered ruminatively, as though having just decided on a whim, when of course it would have been decided days in advance. All he's missing is a long-haired white cat on his lap.

    Formula's really honed his Church of Satan look, and the increasingly Ming-like Noko could be his evil sidekick. Hard to believe he's 63. He sure scrubs up well.
    It goes without saying that Barry Adamson wears the top hat as well as he wears the bass. They've got style and they make an effort! Which means something in an age when most young bands are content to bum around in skinny jeans, plaid shirts and beards like they're in Little Feat.
    I thought it was quite a good Later myself. But then I'm a Devendra Banhart fan - admittedly I was less keen on his last album and though I enjoyed him on Later (esp the second number) I wasn't blown away. Still gonna get the album though!
    If you like Devendra then you'll love Jonathan Richman who I was instantly reminded of when watching Later.
    Not got much by him, but I do like Richman.

    Keep meaning to buy that album with Velvet Underground on.
    what album is that?
    It's on I, Jonathan...

    It's a bit daft obviously, but it's got a certain charm. And a bit of a Velvets pastiche bit in the middle.

    They were wild like the USA
    A mystery band in a New York way
    Rock and roll, but not like the rest
    And to me, America at it's best
    How in the world were they making that sound?
    Velvet Underground.

    A spooky tone on a Fender bass
    Played less notes and left more space
    Stayed kind of still, looked kinda shy
    Kinda far away, kinda dignified.
    How in the world were they making that sound?
    Velvet Underground.

    Now you can look at that band and wonder where
    All that sound was coming from
    With just 4 people there.

    Twangy sounds of the cheapest types,
    Sounds as stark as black and white stripes,
    Bold and brash, sharp and rude,
    Like the heats turned off
    And you're low on food.
    How in the world were they making that sound?
    Velvet Underground.
    Like this...

    Wild wild parties when they start to unwind
    A close encounter of the thirdest kind
    On the bandstand playing, everybody's saying
    How in the world were they making that sound?
    Velvet Underground.

    Well you could look at that band
    And at first sight
    Say that certain rules about modern music
    Wouldn't apply tonight.

    Twangy sounds of the cheapest kind,
    Like "Guitar sale $29.99,"
    Bold and brash, stark and still,
    Like the heats turned off
    And you can't pay the bill.
    How in the world were they making that sound?
    Velvet Underground.

    Both guitars got the fuzz tone on
    The drummer's standing upright pounding along
    A howl, a tone, a feedback whine
    Biker boys meet the college kind
    How in the world were they making that sound?
    Velvet Underground.

    Wild wild parties when they start to unwind
    A close encounter of the thirdest kind
    On the bandstand grooving, everybody moving
    How in the world are they making that sound?
    Velvet Underground.
    From recent Wire-Sound mail-out:

    Yes. It cannot be denied.
    Magazine are to don their rock star outfits and kick up some Autumn leaves come November time.
    Light the blue touch paper at arms length and stand well back.
    The UK tour coincides with the release of the band’s fifth studio album, ‘No Thyself’.
    The first new material recorded since 1981.

    Nov 1 : Bath Komedia
    Nov 2 : Cambridge Junction
    Nov 3 : Hatfield Forum
    Nov 4 : Manchester Academy
    Nov 5 : Glasgow ABC
    Nov 7 : Newcastle Academy
    Nov 8 : Birmingham Institute
    Nov 9 : Sheffield Plug
    Nov 10 : London Shepherd’s Bush Empire

    ‘No Thyself’ – the 10 track general release CD / digital download will be available worldwide on 24 October 2011 to coincide with the band’s November UK tour.

    But before that, a strictly limited edition 11 track Digipak CD version of 'No Thyself', featuring the lead-off tracks 'Hello Mister Curtis (with apologies)', 'Holy Dotage' and the exclusive bonus track 'Blisterpack Blues' is now exclusively available to pre-order at

    Order today as a single item or be tempted by the top value pre-tour bundle featuring the 11 track Digipak CD, the exclusive 'Hello Mister Curtis (with apologies)' / 'Holy Dotage' 10" vinyl + digital download and the 2011 ‘Pretty Polyp’ T.Shirt. Your chance to get more Magazine sooner. Smart. And then some.

    This edition is only available through the Wire–Sound operation and will not be on general sale.

    Items will be shipped out at the start of October.

    ‘No Thyself’ – Full Tracklisting :

    01. Do The Meaning
    02. Other Thematic Material
    03. The Worst Of Progress....
    04. Hello Mister Curtis (with apologies)
    05. Physics
    06. Happening In English
    07. Holy Dotage
    08. Of Course Howard (1979)
    09. Final Analysis Waltz
    10. The Burden Of A Song
    Bonus Track
    11. Blisterpack Blues

    A real shame Adamson's no longer with them...
    I believe barry Adamson's exit is only temporary - he's working on a film soundtrack
    New sounds from Magazine. What a prospect! Slightly scary though - as often happens in such circumstances: will it be up to (spiral) scratch? Still - I, for one, can't wait...
    Saw them live at Wolverhampton recently. The new bassist was really good - no mean feat considering who he is replacing. I was impressed with Noko last time round. I thought he was even better this time. The only complaint was some of Formula's keyboard playing. I love the synth bits he does but some of his playing these days seem to involve an almost honky tonk style on the keyboard which I don't like style or tone wise.
    I believe barry Adamson's exit is only temporary - he's working on a film soundtrack

    What I heard was that he left to concentrate on his move into directing, which would obviously take up much more of his energies than soundtracking. He released a DVD/CD package on his Central Control label last March of his first film, a 40 minute (surprise surprise) noir film called Therapist, which in print looks disturbingly like The rapist with the space between the words missing... you can see a clip here.

    From the blurb on the back of the DVD:

    "THERAPIST tells the story of Monika, a Polish immigrant searching for her sister, who encounters both tragedy and destruction. But is her story real or the metaphor for another man's emotion, a straight story from the therapist's couch ? A truly metafictional experience, the film, with its looping narrative and world within a world structure, focuses on our experience-as-reality and the contradiction between memory, fantasy, truth and the experience of life itself." Annabel Grundy

    some of his playing these days seem to involve an almost honky tonk style

    Indeed. Someone needs to wean him off that. You'd almost expect John Thompson to pop up as the 'Jazz Club' presenter, point a soveriegn'd finger at the camera, grin, and say Nice...
    From a recent Guardian interview, which shows Adamson to have quite a few irons in the fire:

    His directorial debut Therapist has just been premiered around the country and 2011 is already shaping up as a very busy year for Adamson. In addition to sharing his thoughts and stories in conversation at MIF, he's currently finishing off a new solo album and scheduling a tour for the autumn. And it turns out that there's even more in the pipeline: "I'm finishing the score to a new Carol Morley film, I'm mixing some tracks for a steampunk band in America, and I'm writing a screenplay for a feature with Graham Duff [creator of the sitcom Ideal]." Is this restlessness? "I see that as settled. Nothing excites me more than talking about what I'm doing now. That, to me, isn't the sign of someone who's unsettled."
    In a related theme, vis-a-vis a Magazine contemporary, an interesting article in today's Guardian on Linder, and what she's been up to in recent years. I wonder what Linder thought of Lady Ca Ca's tedious, faux-outrageous, bespoke, stage managed photo-finish meat dress, in comparison to her own, genuinely disturbing food bin scavenged concoction in 1982...