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    Apart from the fact that the Velvets were a great band (*** to all VU haters here) let's quickly and shortly get back to the John Lydon topic:

    I wonder when Grey (the ad agency) will book Colin for something similar stupid? Anyway, watch the commercial, it's great. :-)
    what was that i said about posters on here being sensible & not getting personal or bitchy!?!??!?!

    no doubt there'll be loadsa people slagging him off 4 selling out blah blah, but the ad hinges on somat that he's always talking about & is, presumably, quite proud of - his Britishness. it also highlights his sense of humour. i agree - great ad!
    Ha ha - brilliant ad. Good on ya John - there'll be tons of people whinging about this, which is exactly what he wants! Great stuff indeed!
    yeah, Ari i know what you mean. actually i quite like JD myself and was just listening to them the other day. if "creep" were 40 minutes long i think i'd like them a bit more! couple things from OK Computer are ok, they are just not my cup of tea.

    i don't sense any "bitchiness" on this site. i'm for freedom of speech so let people say whatever, just as long as it's not a personal attack. i'm not sure if people in the uk are more sensitive to what others say,but in the u.s. the laws protecting freedom of speech are quite strong. fairly easy to sue someone for libel in the uk,
    extremely difficult to do in the u.s. and this being an off-topic thread, i say: let it rip...............
    i actually thought the Lydon ad was kinda lame. he does have an undeniable sense of humour, but the ad is only funny because he's become such a caricature of himself. and i don't buy his faux sense of britishness
    either. i think that is something he trots out to show he is really a good chap and all that. i think its more
    about him cultivating an audience to watch his tv shows and buy his bug videos. it would be really funny if
    they showed old johnny boy downing a few pints between takes!
    yer right that he has become a paraody/caricature of himself, but i think he's aware of that & plays of it even more laughing at himself WITH his audience, not laughing AT the audience. this came across as clear as day at the SP gigs last year.
    sure, he's aware of his image. i mean, whether he's selling pantyhose or landrovers it would be a funny ad.
    just think his "britishness" thing is a marketing ploy.
    nah - he spouts of about it ALL the time! he's a clever geezer & he's funny & he's cynical, but i don't think he's cynical enuf to take the piss out of those that he sees as 'his' people. ie the people that 'get' him! knowarrimean?
    I really didn't mean to fire up yet another off topic discussion (although this one has been fun so far), but Lydon was always blaring about "Britishness" over the last few years and I think the ad agency has picked up on this. After all *they* wrote the script and he had to act accordingly. I merely think it's quite funny - and even more funny seeing John Lydon in a TV Ad, promoting some stupid butter. And no bitching whatsoever intended. Honestly. Ha.
    off topic? OFF TOPIC? this is post nmbr 100-odd & about 20 of them have been about Mafazine!! oh well - great thread tho'!
    Mafazine eh, new group?
    yeah - check 'em out on myspace!!!!!!
    Oh, they were great (although I can't seem to find them on myspace?) - I saw them live several times back in the late 70's. Trevor Mevota was fantastic. Their hit 'One Light Drops out of Him' was pure genius.

    Sorry about that. Hrm. Back to Magazine. Or Lydon. Or possibly Wire.
    I notice two new Magazine dates have been added. Glasgow on the 16th, and another Manchester show on the 17th.
    there is a 2nd, shorter lydon ad as well:

    yes lydon is clever. yes the ads are funny. but the *softening* of rotten johnny, ie his "britishness" thing, coincides, interestingly enough with his tv shows and bug/nature vids. now whats up with that? a bitter vitriolic punk isn't going to have much mass appeal and certainly that's not the image to project on a tv audience. smart move? sure. but a ploy nonetheless. for the lot that gets him, it's an inside joke. but for some old lady sittin round the telly, quite sure "Bodies' isn't her ipod playlist, ha, ha, ha............
    "Ever get the feeling you've been cheated?"

    I haven't seen the commercials but the point about the inside jokes....when I saw them a few years ago I got them, and I was cracking up - other people who didn't were kind of huh? - good point, it's a blast if you get them, if you're an outsider you're shit outta luck - which makes it an elitist thing

    he once said "I'm not here for your amusement, you're here for mine" - a lot of what he says and does are pure shock value, the Pistols trademark - take it all with a grain of salt, he's having a gas at our expense - know that going in and they're a blast, forget that and you'll feel like you're on the outside looking in

    where ever punk started, and by whom, England had the fuel to keep it burning - as someone pointed out, youth in England had true angst - economic depression, no jobs, riots, get a job, work, be useful - how? where? - they wanted the dream too, but there was no dream to be had - punk would have been a flash in the pan fad like Beatniks if it hadn't found an inferno of angst to stoke in England
    the 2nd one's even funnier! he's a natural - expect to see him in a sitcom/film very soon!!!
    • CommentAuthorAri says...
    • (CommentTimeOct 3rd 2008 edited)
    Johnny WAS in a soap opera here in the us of a about 7, maybe 8 years ago, I was sitting in a waiting room awaiting the guys to finish servicing my car and the tee vee was on and there on the screen was Johnny 'in the dock', it was a court soap, can't remember the name of the show as i don't watch such shows as a general riue, but I seem to remember he was in court for copyright infringement!!, very tongue-in-cheek on his behalf.
    As for Johnnys recent activities, I haven't seen the advertisements, but as some here from the idealcopy list know I had the privilege of spending a few days with Johnny back around '77/'78, he was always charming and, at first, even a little shy, all the 'bollox' stuff is purely for the press, one really couldn't wish to meet a nicer person.
    My friend and I received an invite from Johnny a couple weeks later (via Malcolm's brother) to attend a party at his place, we were misinformed and arrived the day after the party and Johnny was 'in conference' with whomever his record label was and wouldn't 'let us in', we never saw him again.
    We found out later that James Brown was at the party, ah well..........(now back to Mafazine, what a group)
    I think the programme you're referring to, Ari, was Judge Judy, not a soap.
    I think you're right, worse than soap, at least some soaps are funny (aren't they)?