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    i'm sure they know, they're just not announcing yet!

    but Ipso Facto are supporting on all dates.
    I'd guess Pete Shelley.

    They will not announce the guitarist until they have rehearsed and everyone is happy that it will work.

    It should be sometime this month.
    The band are holding a guitarist workshop next Monday to clarify matters re: six strings and a flange.
    No news to report prior.
    Buzzcocks are touring and playing the first 2 LPs in their entirety in January, so it might make it hard for Pete Shelly to rehearse with Magazine?????
    good - he's not good enough for nowt apat from strumming. & surley you've seen enuf of Mr Hell's posts to know he's just taking the pish?!?!??!
    Which first two LPs?

    Time's Up, Kitchen or Love bites?

    Actually I think it will be Mark E Smith, he's such an amenable character with a love of the past!
    >>Actually I think it will be Mark E Smith<<
    THAT would be 'something else' (but it won't happen)
    As any fule kno, Time's Up was a bootleg...

    they're playing Another music... and Love bites. Sadly not Different Kind of Tension, which is far superior to LB.

    Yes Ari. In Britain we have these things called jokes. Often they pass Americans by!

    Time's Up used to be a bootleg.
    It had official release via Mute as any fan should know, nothing to do with fuel.
    A favor?

    Can we shelve the American jabs?

    It came up in a subtle way in the Object 47 Vinyl thread with the comment about "US kids" - implying that a valued site is devalued by US visitors? - and here it is again.

    What I love about the Pink Flag forum is that we generally don't have this kind of thing. It is an extraordinarily civil forum in a sea of bitchy, obnoxious sites where people vent their angst and anger in random threads. There are plenty of places to be insulting. Does this need to be one of them?

    We're not all what you see on TV. I myself gave up on broadcast television years ago because all I saw was stupid views of the world, or Britney's boobs, or people eating donkey testicles for money. Don't care much for any of it.

    We're not all enamored of wee Bushie, or Palin, or Angelina's kids, or whatever pop culture/political culture has decided to toss out there this week. Want to insult them? Great. I'll play along. But blanket statements about Americans? Isn't that a bit much?

    Am I being sensitive about a few harmless little remarks? Possibly. But it doesn't take much for this kind of thing to go downhill fast. Ask any forum moderator.

    Just a suggestion.
    Mmmmmmm...... donkey testicles......
    Saying it is funnier than watching it, I guarantee you that much!
    "Mmmmmmm...... donkey testicles...... "

    Chips with that Margaret ? ;-)
    Do fries go with that shake?!
    I'm not saying I definitely want to see Britney's boobs, but I'd like to be given the chance at least!

    Okay, okay, I want to see 'em - alright?!
    >> Yes Ari. In Britain we have these things called jokes <<

    Oh really? you mean the Brits are funny, oh I get it, ha ha...............
    (just kiddin')
    • CommentAuthorAri says...
    • (CommentTimeOct 29th 2008 edited)
    7jlong, I don't think any Brit would 'have a go' at an american because he's an american, the british like to make fun of each other-and others, being funny is part of the brit d.n.a, right chaps?
    • CommentAuthorAri says...
    • (CommentTimeOct 29th 2008 edited)
    and yes, oft british jokes (oft tongue in cheek)'pass americans by', just as some american 'in jokes' pass by the rest of the world.
    I am almost 100% certain that there was no malice intended. Or at least I'd like to think so. Just, like I said, trying to steer things away from potentially devolving into name-calling or other assorted what-not. I like this forum and wish to stay, but the development of boring, mean-spirited back-and-forths would drive me off - which may be a relief to some considering a few long-winded diatribes I've posted! Not saying it will happen here, just mentioning that I hope it doesn't.

    At any rate, yeah. I know. Making fun of each other is the root of ages of global humor. Just, uh, yeah. 'nuff said.
    Britney's boobies? I sure there is pic someplace. Madman, you're not trying hard enough. keep looking. as a matter of fact i saw a larger than life pic of Brit's snatch in art gallery in ny today. (no joke!) one of the shots where she is exiting a limo
    *sans culottes* as the french say. it looked like a day old roast beef sandwich. juxtaposed on top, in a separate frame, was a
    prim and proper photo of katie couric, the tv news personality. absurdist? yes. funny? quite. (not ragging on Brit btw, she definitely has it going on).