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    This forum seems civil enough to me. Wire fans are a diverse bunch hence the occasional misunderstanding. You'll notice music tastes will differ wildly. Most of us have been on the 'net long enough to know some people take the piss, and some people take things far too literally and there are lots of other cultural misunderstandings to be had.

    The New Order forum is ridiculous. I don't post but I read it sometimes in a vain attempt at finding useful info. Certain of their fans feel obliged to adopt a sort of Manchester piss-taking humour like they're all ex-New Order Roadies..but they get it all wrong and it just results in endless fights. I'm sure we're all above such nonsense.

    No need to blandify the debate too much though, just consider the audience when you post. And when you read a post...consider the person you think is being rude or stupid might not be entirely serious, might be borderline mentally unstable, might be a music journalist, or simply massively f**ked up on drink and drugs. Or all of the above.
    It's very civil. For that I am endlessly grateful.

    I bit my nails all night about what I'd find this morning (no internet at home, deliberately), and mercifully the humor of donkey testicles and Britney boobs seems to have eclipsed my small request. For that I am... fascinated.

    No, I don't want people to get all hyper-PC and censor themselves. That would be ridiculous. I think Tim's last paragraph sums it up pretty well, and I will remind myself of the second sentence as needed. The constant danger of forums/emails/etc.: 12 point whatever-font makes everything look like a manifesto.

    Now, back to our originally schedule programming. Thanks, all.
    I think it was me who mentioned "US kids" in my comments about vinyl, as opposed to the O47 on vinyl, and I merely meant it as opposite to UK oldies - the kind that frequent this site! No offense meant. PC gone mad again?
    Thanks, billy - not quite gone mad, just perhaps a bit oversensitive. See above. Signed, US oldie.
    UK oldies?

    I'll knock your block off, you young whippersnapper!
    I'm a UK oldie least I think I am. I forget lots these days.
    Funny old world Tim.
    Being that very few bands I like are more popular than Wire, I guess my tatses aren't exactly populist.
    Off the top of my head, Killing Joke, PJ Harvey and Sonic Youth are the only bands I like a hell of a lot who are way more popular. It seems true that the bigger the band, the more stupid people like them. Go to the PJ Harvey message board and you're bound to find a fair few vacuous posters with nothing to say!

    QED New Order would have a lot of thick fans.
    They went downhill every album since Unknown Pleasure in my view.
    I know a pathetic dweeb who used to work for Bernard Sumner. He is a racist drug addled buffon (the dweeb I mention, not sure about Barney the Dinosaur).
    Takes all kinds, etc.
    Noko is to join Magazine on guitar. More info here
    So maybe they can call it Lugazine!
    Or Lugerzine - the gun and the ammunition in one...

    Apparently there is an interview with Devoto & Formula in the new Mojo.
    There should be one in the grauniad as well because it over ran before my time with them.
    There's an interview with Devoto in today's Guardian
    The one I did for Flux, for which out-takes have appeared on another thread on this board is out now I think, but I haven't seen the magazine as yet...

    No mention of britney's testicles or donkey boobs, but Dave Formula did get chased by a UFO!
    i got chase by a UFO once......either that or it was really good acid!...........

    no britney pics in the states either, but nudie pics of jennifer aniston are making the rounds in all the trash rags. she's wearing nothing but a necktie, strategically placed. personally i would have preferred a bowtie;). i gotta say she's either seen a boob doctor or the pics are heavily photo-shopped.
    Merry whatever everyone... http://video. watch/4050161? fr=yvmtf
    It gives me a certain strange pleasure to see that my lasting contribution to the PinkFlag board (Britney donkeys) is showing signs of becoming a running gag.

    Have a good holiday season, all.
    Bring on the special guest

    Linder is to support Magazine at Manchester on the 17th of February, playing extended versions of the songs that appeared on The Visit.
    So, who's going on Thursday ?

    Some rehearsal shots and a couple of interviews posted to Magazine's Myspace site here
    it'd be shocking if, as thread originator, i didnae!