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    I'm off to Europe totally wired! Hard to sleep just thinking of seeing Wire on fire as they are now and Killing Joke in their original incarnation. They both play Paris on the same night!!! Wire played the best PINK FLAG ever in Glasgow where they had a bigger stage (Lewis loves that for movement) and louder PA than the other British gigs. I interviewed Wire in Mosos Moso retaurant before the Manchester gig. "Do you want the interesting answer or do you want the truth?" joked Colin, 23 years too late. The lowdown is that Githead are playing Bristol and Lewis has a hell of a lot of projects lurking off to one side.

    Anyway I got a good sleep last night after Subhumans kicked out the apathy at the Star and Garter, and had the most wonderful dream. Polly Harvey came round to vist and played "Horses in my Dreams." The song was different, improved and more beautiful. This was a positive sign.

    The reason I was sending this to you is I ran into Stephen Hanley the longtime Fall bassist at the Jeffrey Lewis gig on The Fifteenth. He was in a great mood and shook me firmly by the hand. He told me that the guy who did the Guardian article tracking down most nearly everyone who'd ever played in The Fall was expanding it into a book (not sure if he'll call it 'The Man Whose Article Expanded'). I asked after missing drummer Karl burns and it seems he has been in contact with Mr Hanley, and is now married and living as happily ever after as any former Fall musician can be expected to.
    Then the clock starts chiming...
    Its my wake up call!!!

    Walking round this town which will be drowning soon, I see roads blocked and gangs of police roaming. Why? Our un-elected Prime Sinister is bringing his lapdogs to town to blab about the state of the economy and lag some lofts to save the planet.

    Being repulsed by these vapid entities, I will be leaving the day they arrive. Like Dick Lucas of Subhumans, I don't understand patrotism. Some shmuck in a Stranglers shirt was chanting, "Manchester, Manchester!" at the recent Subhumans gig and Dick tore him a new asshole, taking the piss out of his misguided pisshead pride. He said something along the lines of, why not shout about England too, then Europe, then the whole world? The recent Subhumans album "Internal Riot" is one of their best.

    I've had it with this city and after the disgusting invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan, I feel ashamed to be British. So I think the time has come to move south. Hell, most of the British Isles is going to flood when the ice caps melt. No more London, Bristol, Manchester, Liverpool or Norfolk. Like Feargal Sharkey said, "Its gonna happen!"

    I made a cryptic comment a few days ago to The Gathering, "Is it the Day of the Lords yet?" The next day a CD by Lords was sent to me in the post. Just before I interviewed Magazine for a magazine I bought the excellent new CD by Jarboe and Justin Broadrick and the chorus of "Romp" seems to my ears to be a chant of "Jana." I also bought excllent CDs by Arbouretum and Thank You on the Thrill Jockey label, and walked through Piccadilly Gardens upsetting football fans by singing, "Love Like Blood" a bit too loud.

    Finish what we began...
    Everything went south (shit like that)

    Lets Hit the F——kin' Road!!!!!!!
    Well, I actually managed to get about half way through that lot before thinking - ughhh!!! Mind you, I've just downed a bottle of wine and a couple of cans - that's probably how I managed to get that far through it! :/
    u prob made sense of it then!?!?!?
    Sense cannot be MADE it can only be sensed.

    Looks like Tilburg festival has Sun Ra Arkestra on the bill - lovely!

    What does WTF mean?

    Yes, that Killing Joke album

    What's This For...!
    I like B. Hell.
    Graeme is 'catching' in a nice sorta way AO7 187 (and what does 'that' mean?) hope he doesn't get kicked off............
    (That's my number).
    Tilburg ZXZW was damn fine> I also caught Pelican, Seein' Red , Pre (topless) & angry Satan metal fire blasts from wantain...

    Lewis blew up his amp at the end of PINK FLAG. Lucky for Brussels he has another.

    New catchphrase:
    "I'm here you can begin!"

    Big Ups to Big Jim , Dutch Chris (Glasgow posse), Mattias who cycled 2 days from germany to Tilburg, Sean and the Nottigham crew, and sexy Suzan who wants my hat (better lock it up) and that nice Japanese lady from Pre who wobbled naked tits as she sang about wanting a penis..

    Tilburg highlights All Fours & Boiling Boy
    Ghent I enjoyed Advantage the most I think, but couldn't stop laughing when an enthusiastic Belgian barreled into me and sent me flying for 12XU!
    I must say - that Japanese lady sounds interesting!
    Wha? The Glam Rock-esque baseball hat with the gold sequins? Come on..if she's that sexy give the lady the Hat!

    Who wins the Battle for Paris then? Aren't Wire playing 2 nights there anyway?
    Well she had a boyfriend and my hair would have gone wild. I have a spare hat now Berlin Wall commie style.

    Colin was A Picture of Confusion in Brussels for One of Those Songs!

    Told Robert they should be playing Manneken for Brussels but of course that did not FLY!

    Also hi to Violet from Ghent and big thanks to Margaret!

    Check out Mogwai myspace, very nice...
    Good way to end my WIRE trip
    12XU in Paris was best ever fast and furious

    Now for another double dose of KILLING JOKE who are also on fire

    Oi Hell,
    You will have to submit your report of KILLING JOKE 'on returning' as we get them first out here in Los Angeles, next Thursday, and then it's WIRE the following Tuesday (everything is backward in America, ya know). We also get THE DAMNED for a Halloween treat (or is it a trick?). Now if we could just get MAGAZINE over here this winter, I could relive my childhood in full.
    Perhaps I shall ring up Howard.
    Anyone got his number?
    Mr Hell, I saw the mighty Joke in London last night and they were so, so, so f***in intensely wonderful that I have run out of superlatives!
    The London Killing Joke gigs were fantastic. I met lots of old friends, bassist Youth on both nights, Jaz's mum and an ex-girlfriend of both Youth and Raven (RIP). Mike Coles of Malicious Damage did these collage videos that played on two sidescreens while the band played and it made it seem like a parody of a political rally.

    Of course Killing Joke are always a joy to behold and if you missed the London gigs you really messed up. When you're tired of Killing Joke you're tired of life. Its TIME humans raced into a better future where the collective consciousness of the survivors unites as one and escapes the shackles of reason and logic that have kept many mired in Western fear.

    Killing Joke have CHANGEd my life for the better. Now they are back in their most potent configuration at the END OF AN AGE.
    Youth the bassist is a jolly decent artist and has something to say.


    Sunday, October 12, 2008

    NYC The separation of sky and earth
    Category: Life

    NYC The separation of sky and earth
    Election fever in NYC ! Can any of our politicians solve the problem of mankind? Our ancient heritage of ritual,morality and art are all in full decay.
    Critical times are here; the omens can be sensed everywhere; the world once again is about to shift its centre of gravity. Displacements of power are in the offing. They will not take place without war and violence. Bellicose ideology burgeons from within. Our own leaders under their rash of trite propaganda are the greatest threat, not only to peace but to life and liberty.
    The wave is gathering and some day, maybe not today or tomorrow but the day after tomorrow, it will wash us all away. Perhaps that will be as it should be. But for the moment , we still possess that limited freedom of decision and action. We may still choose what we have to do to meet this danger.
    Today the community is the planet and the planet the community, yet we still authorize our leaders to spend' our' money on war and occupation rather then education and health?
    For me the national idea with the flag as totem, is the real problem is the infantile nursery ego run rampant across the playground a music biz 'playa' snorting tram lines of coke and telling everyone how important he is.... This tyrant dragon that we have inherited as well as invented and sustained, will eventually annihilate everything for its own narcissistic self interest.
    The real killing joke , the nightmare philosophy of Dr Strangelove full drag and disco balls...that we ourselves considered as paranoid fantasy, has become ... unfortunately the full technicolor reality we find ourselves in today.
    The generals are in control of our leaders not the sages and they still talk of 'winning' a limited nuclear war?!!! These are the greatest crimes against humanity and i hope one day we will see them held to account.
    We have to start empowering ourselves beyond our given systems of power, build our own small communities and create alternative models for our co-existance and sustainable future.
    I am not presenting any answers or solutions here but its un canny and scary how few alternatives are available. But whenever propaganda threatens to devalue, distort and do violence to truth, then it is our duty to resist and save truth or rather the striving for truth. It is treason to sacrifice love of truth, loyalty to the laws of nature for a flag or even your country.
    Surely the way to find our humanness is to see the divinity of every person and possible modulation of man?
    The role of the Artist (hero) is the same in modern times as ancient. Those that heed the call cannot wait for their communities to shake off the slough of pride, fear, rationalized avarice and sanctified misunderstanding. It is not society that will save the creative hero , but precisely the reverse. And so it is down to everyone one of us to share this supreme ordeal-carry the cross of the redeemer....not in the bright moments of the battle victory..... but in the silence of personal despair.
    New York ,like LA has always been a tough gig .....and the fillmore is pure legend and myth ..never a given and always a challenge...people are a bit too cool for school and spoilt with a never ending parade of the best of the best..... yet to penetrate the indifference and cynicism and actually get the house rockin' is very satisfying still!