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    It appears that Robert Plant has acquiesced & so Led Zep will tour next year!! personally ah cannae wait - any other ageing punks on here gonna admit to being up for that?!?!?!??!

    who knows? keep yer fingers x'd & Roger Waters & Dave Gilmour might kiss & make up as well. i'd be in f'ing heaven if they did!!!
    Not for me I,m afraid.
    It just doesn,t ignite the fire for music inside me.
    There is no doubt both bands were at the cutting edge of the music scene when in their prime
    and deserved the acolates they got, but personally would find it hard to be up a forthcoming tour if it ever materialisied.
    Saw the Floyd at Earls Court back in the early 90,s. without Waters and felt I was a good 15 years late in seeing them.
    Always been a huge P.Weller admirer in his stubborn reluctance to reform the Jam(although the other 2 have for commercial reasons) and to try and explore more musical outlooks. But I have no doubt the shows will sell out in record time. Just shows the admirers they still have and rightly so. Personally prefer going to places like king tuts,Barfly etc and seeing
    some young and upcoming indie band. On a sadder note, sorry to see Rick Wright passing away.
    Led Zep, i've no interest in musically but i'm keen to see how this pans out and its quite a story. I admire them for clearly not rushing into touring when for many bands it would have been a no-brainer.

    I have a weird relationship with Pink Floyd. Don't particularly care for the music post-Piper but I'm fascinated by the characters in the band and own more Books about them than I do records. See no reason why Gilmour would get back with Waters when he can clearly sell out anywhere in his own right playing Floyd tracks and get to play his solo albums at the same time. I love they fact they didn't even do the Syd tribute gig together because Waters had to leave early to pick someone up from the airport!

    The band i'd always wished I could see live would be XTC but Andy Partidge's stagefright would appear to be permanent and Colin Moulding I believe has left the music biz for good.

    Cabaret Voltaire with Chris Watson doing early stuff, or maybe new stuff, would be a good-un to. I'm sure they could get away with it.
    i totally know where yer coming from, Stefm, about new bands in smaller clubs, but (for me) this is big news! i was just too young to see 'em b4 Bonham died & with plenty of other bands in last decade reforming i've been gagging for this to happen. tho', as Tim says, hats off to 'em for not doing it unilt they want to do it.

    PF have prob been my fave band since about '75 & totally disappointed in myself for only seeing 'em once (The Wall tour), tho i saw Waters doing DSOTM last year. for me the best thing that happened with PF was Syd going off his head! Piper is prob my least fave Floyd lp cos of its short poppy songs. when they booted him out they started down the road to become the 'prog rockers' that we all know & love/hate!

    Bruce & Rick didnae form From The Jam entirely for financial reasons - they'd been gigging (seperately) since the Jam split. i saw FTJ last year & it was simply brilliant hearing the old Jam songs live & Russell Hastings, who's taken over lead guitar & vocals, tho' having some similarities to Weller has a stage presence of his own. they're currently writing new material which will be crunch time! will the old Jam fans like it? (see my post above somewhere for a similar comment).

    over the last few years when i've been getting back into music & gigs i have listened to so many new bands, but they just cannae cut the mustard. This explains why, middle-aged blokes like me (us?) still turn out for bands like Wire, Magazine, Jam, Led Zep, whoever when they decide to do somat. & for younger 'kids' (like IanCurtis on here) who have the nous to delve into music history will always want to see the bands they missed out 1st time round.
    There's loads of decent new(ish) bands out there.

    Dark Captain Light Captain, Holy Fuck, Black Angels, White Hills spring to mind straight away.

    As for the dreaded Pink an interview with DG recently and he left little room for doubt that PF wouldn't happen again. And now RW has sadly passed away, I really can't see it happening.
    black Angels r ok, i agree. i'll check the others out - ta.
    Your spot on with Bruce and Rick not entirely reforming for financial reasons, although they have made considerable
    more money than with prevoius bands( Casbah Club,Time UK, SLF). I was a tad harsh there.
    My mate runs a Weller fanzine and had the pleasure of spending a night with Rick and Twink(Jam offical photographer)
    at Newcastle and later in Glasgow watching Russell,s previous band the Paul weller Council preform thanks to the aforementioned Fanzine. Standing with Rick he was chewing at the bit to get back into drumming and gigging in general,
    so much so that at the Chinese meal afterwards thats all he talked about. A few months later he replaced the drummer in
    Russells band and as you know Foxton joined pretty soon after.
    My biggest disappointment to date is seeing a reformed Velvet Underground play in Edinburgh back in the 90,s.(Not your faves lol) What a let down. Should never have happened. More like a cabaret act. Made this huge admirer have a downer
    for a few months.
    Agree most new bands have a couple of great singles and 1 possible good LP then seem to fade into the wilderness unfortunately. Maybe most new bands have always done that, but due to lack of internet,myspace,media etc in yesterdays world we never noticed so much?
    comparing new bands/ music with the old stuff is comparing apples and oranges. Floyld, Zep, Stones, even the Jam more of a
    classic rock genre and only so much one can do with that w/o sounding derivative. also different era/market/ audience. I'd say
    Art Brut (UK) is a new band that I like alot. MIA the sri lankan rapper chick is doing some amazing stuff. Bright Eyes ( Conor Oberest, US) is a very talented guy and Nine Inch Nails is still rockin it. Some NY bands I like are O'Death (hillbiily punk) and
    Animal Collective, sorta like a collage of sounds rather than balls out classic rock. You guys may not like the VU, but Lou Reed is still kickin it: Berlin got rave reviews, the tour from last spring was smokin hot, and I saw him and John Zorn put on a blistering
    instrumental performance in a small club in NYC 2 weeks ago. there's tons of experimental/ avant garde stuff going, though that may not be everyones cup of tea. another "new" band i've seen and dig a lot is Carbon/ Silicon, Mick Jones (Clash) and Tony Smith
    (Gen-X). the BrianJones Town Massacre (neo-pyschedelic) is pretty good though not as thrilling live as i was hoping.
    Freakbag - who's this geezer Tony Smith? Is that Tony James' psuedonym?!?!?!?
    Tony "Thunder" Smith is an amazing drummer who plays with Lou Reed's touring band. Tony JAMES is of course the other half
    of Carbon/ Silicon.

    forgot also to mention Ian Hunter (mott the hoople) who is still releasing excellent material and puts on a great live show as well
    which features James Mastro from the Bongos. i should also mention Mission of Burma ( a Bowie fave) from boston who have recently reformed and recorded a lot of new material. i saw them in june and Roger Miller, the guitarist, was just tearing through shit,
    absolutely killing it. i think they were one of the first bands to play back live loops onstage.

    another "new" band from boston that i like is Neptune who make all their own guitars and electronics. i saw them last night at a club
    Brooklyn NY (that shall remain nameless, something about not having a liquor license!!) and they did a short, but intense performance.
    touring europe soon. worth checking out.
    Luv Carbon Silicon. Jones is such a legend!! Still knocking out great songs.
    Was listening to their live Carbon Casino album earlier.
    MJ very witty and charismatic, in an understated way. also very fluid and soulful guitar player on stage. they've already put together a very solid songbook, though i would like to them move away from a classic rock thing and go for a more experimental sound.
    ...and I would like him to stop showing up for gigs drunk, especially after I've driven 6 hours to see him.
    seems its total b*ll*x after all!!!!
    Give the guys a break!
    Only one of 'em died!
    I also have a weird relationship with Pink Floyd.
    My ex-wife ran off with Dave Mason, Syd Barrett's mum tries to sell me hashish and Roger Waters comes round with his big hammer to smash bricks out of my wall. Sometimes I'm glad Dave Gilmour only invented the safety razor and keeps a low profile!
    Whilst not such a big fan of XTC, I do think the sleeve of
    is more marvellous than a mechanical mouse organ
    especially when put up next to the backside of PJ HArvey's 'Rid of Me' so that it looks like