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    Just checking to see who from the fold might be there. We should all wear dickies so we'll know who's who.
    What are Dickies?
    I'm going with about 8 others can't wait!......I dont think I own a pair of Dickies
    I'll be there with my wife and a friend who's coming from out of town.

    Very much looking forward to the gig.

    Maybe we should have use the 'drill drill drill' 'dugga dugga dugga' honing voice method?
    Dickies are... and they are, imho, the best work clothes out there.
    If anybody wants to meet and greet at the event, I think some folks from idealcopy list are gonna hang out before. We could talk about our favorite Bay City Rollers track and exchange recipes for potted meat. It'd be sweet!
    People work?
    alexander laurence says...
    "People work? "

    Meaning what?
    well, my colonial chums, I shall be there.

    I've been over in the US for work this week - and I've rerouted my return via ATL.

    In fact I've just arrived in Atlanta now.

    Let me know where the pre-gig event is taking place - it'll be great to meet up.


    Dickies are

    A. Comedy punk band who covered Banana Splits.

    B. The male genitalia.

    And one more thing before bedtime...
    People what exactly? Work?
    i don't read this site often, but i met someone at the show who was from here. i am more of a ListServ kinda guy, so i read Idealcopy daily... anyhoo, here is the official EvilSponge review of the Wire show on the 12th. enjoy.
    Nice feature that..., but who's that bloke with the fancy laptop case talking to Mark Bursa?!
    • CommentAuthorAri says...
    • (CommentTimeNov 12th 2008 edited)
    He's Colins' laptop teky stand-in
    "who's that bloke with the fancy laptop case talking to Mark Bursa?!"

    Dunno, but he seems to be saying "watch where you put that hand, Bursa!"

    Anyway, thanks for that review, PL. Enjoyed it!

    PS "beer (for the English among us)"? Surely not, Mark!
    Well, I suggested getting a beer before the gig. And my 'straight edge' American chums opted for, variously, water, coffee, fruit juice, cake etc. The hardcore scene has much to answer for.

    Complete sobriety is obviously required in order to appreciate the full majesty of Minor Threat.

    Or indeed, John Oates.

    I can dig Minor Threat drunk as hell, out of step and seeing red!