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    Who is going to the show in LA? I can't believe they are playing in a few days.
    I'll be going... plus a couple friends, also longtime fans.
    I was just thinking the same, I can't believe it's in four days!

    I was at the El Rey and Spaceland.
    Likewise, saw them at 2000 and 2002 at the El Rey (unevenly flappy sound mix both times I thought... I think it's just the room) and Spaceland was awesome. Thought Melt Banana was tremendous as support, and Sleepytime Gorilla Museum had us snickering for hours later...

    I still have a fuzzy memory of 1987, and seeing them at the Variety Arts Center, but it's a little foggy, and punctuated by glimpses of the genius of hearing Drill, and Ex-Lion Tamers opening up and doing the whole of Pink Flag...
    I was at Variety Arts Center too in 1987. Many people thought EX-Lion Tamers were WIRE. I saw them at Scream in 1988. I was in SF at the Fillmore in 2000. That was the greatest hits show. The 2002 show at the El Rey was weird. There was sound problems. The ceiling cracked a few weeks later and it was closed for a long time. The Spaceland show was the best WIRE show for sure. Sleeptime has always been sort of a laugh. I think they put that show together at the last minute because ATP was canceled.
    Yep -- I remember the El Rey ceiling cracking, and that having made the headlines a couple weeks after the show. Somehow I think I fused the two ideas together at the time, and presumed the failing concrete was absorbing Wire's decibels and weakening under the impact, but the in reality, I just think the El Rey's reflections and reverberations at the time of the show were wholly distracting, and my girlfriend at the time just couldn't get into the show -- so of course, I had to blame the room at the time! (Unsurprisingly, she and I broke up not terribly long afterwards... and one year later, I married a girl who was a proper Wire fan.)

    Both venues were enjoyable, but I'm DEFINITELY in agreement that Spaceland was a major high. In fact, I recall breaking up with the former girlfriend, less than 4 hours before that show. This did not at all deter from my enjoyment of the Spaceland event... Another example of unbelievable, yet poignant timing!!
    I can't believe you have know that many girls who have liked WIRE!?!
    Why the ceiling cracked was there were filming a Faith Hill TV show. They were hanging lights and the weight was too much for that old wooden building we call the el rey.
    Ha ha ha... Amusing observation... Re: Girls who are also fans of Wire in Los Angeles: Actually I brought a third, and different girl to the May 2000 El Rey show (katie)... and she was so enthused, she became a sincere Wire fan, as of her indoctrination that evening... (And, looking back, that was probably one of her most endearing qualities...)
    I met a girl who works at Amoeba who said she was going to the show.
    Only two days away! Just me and Eric live in LA?
    My girlfriend and I are going tonight. Making the drive up from OC but have to stop in Alhambra first (last year of doctorate program in Ed Psych and have to meet with advisor). We hope to get there around 9:15. What time do you guys think they will come on? We have no desire to see THE MUSLIMS and would love to walk through the door about 5 minutes before WIRE take the stage. But as Arthur Bremer once said, "How many things go right in this crazy world?"
    Muslims are good. Sometimes the line takes time. WIRE probably goes on at 10pm. It's go to see Lubert Das will be there.
    Hours away!
    Are THE MUSLIMS good? So damn busy with work and school I rarely seek out new bands, which is a poor excuse, admittedly, and my girl and I usually try to save our auditory/visual cortexes for the band we truly came for. Of course, a closed mind is quite often an empty mind--not to mention a lonely one--so perhaps we should give them a look/listen. They are from San Diego, yeah?
    Pretty much the same setlist as Atlanta except they played the last four songs with Page Hamilton of Helmet.

    The setlist: Our Time / Mr Marx / Comet / Being Sucked / Mekon / Advantage / Agfers / Silkskin / Circumspect / One of Us / Boiling Boy / 15th / 106 Beats / I Don't Understand /

    1st encore: He Knows / Pink Flag /

    2nd Encore with Page Hamilton: Lowdown / Underwater Experience / All Fours /

    3rd encore: 12XU (fast)
    Are the rumors true that Page will eventually be joining the band?
    Great Show!!!!!
    Thanks guys, and Margaret (who did a fine job).

    Small bit of irony (coincidence?) this morning: I use 'Morning Bell' to wake me up on my trusty CD alarm clock. I knew I would not hear that song, or any other track off 'Manscape' for that matter, last night but my girlfriend purely needed to hear it this morning so she could get up at 6:00 AM like the trooper she is and go to work, however, my aging CD alarm clock decided to fail for the first time upon this very morn. We did not hear 'Morning Bell' today, either, but luckily her internal clock works fairly well and she woke up in time to go teach.

    Perhaps if you had played 'Torch It' or 'Morning Bell' the electronic device would have worked just fine this morning.
    Obviously kidding (you brought no keyboards).

    Thanks for playing in LA!
    Don't be strangers.

    --Two extremely satisfied fans
    "Are the rumors true that Page will eventually be joining the band?".............Yikes, I hope NOT!
    Jimmy Page? Excellent idea.