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    Fuck me, what a night! I haven't had so much fun since I last saw them in Brighton 5 or 6 years ago.

    Support band 'The Selmenaires' were great... very Talking Heads meets Fela Kuti. The crowd were cool.

    Got to hang with my wife and our friend at the front, just in front of Margaret. The band played a blinder... My shout to get 'Life in The Manscape' played was greeted with appropriate snorts of laughter from Colin... now the 'shouting for '12XU' or various other oldies game' is invalid it seems fair enough to shout for 80's/90's Wire! Lots of banter between band and crowd. Flowers were delicately thrown on stage at one point. Serious.

    The setlist: Our Time / Mr Marx / Comet / Being Sucked / Mekon / *Perspex* / Advantage / Agfers / Silkskin / All fours / One of Us / Boiling Boy / 15th / 106 Beats / I Don't Understand / He Knows / Pink Flag / Lowdown / Underwater Experience / Circumspect / 12XU

    (I think this is the order, it deviated from the written setlist at the end).

    Hung around for a bit afterwards... Colin and Rob were kind enough to come outback, have a little chat and sign the setlist for us. Rounded off a perfect night perfectly.

    Now I'm trying to talk myself out of spending money we don't have to fly to the Chicago show on Saturday. I would so love to go!

    'BoringPostcards' has uploaded 2 video tracks from the gig to youtube:



    * Oops... missed out 'Perspex Icon' from the setlist on this post... (Added 10-18-08)
    what a night indeed....very tight set. I also got a snicker from Colin as I requested "Children of groceries" ...all in good fun of course. My wife was not a fan of Wire going in but quickly became a fan after the first 20 minutes. I took 6 other newbies with me...everyone had a blast....and they all think that Colin is a "rock star" My wife was giddy after Colin shook her hand while adjusting his guitar pedal. 6 people converted.
    (Had to listen to 'Manscape' again today, it's not such a bad album really).

    You must have been right next to us? I think our wives' conversed!

    It was her first Wire gig too (I have a slight advantage with plenty of UK shows previously) but she's been a fan for a few years now (my fault). It was great to be reminded just how good Wire are live as well as it see it afresh on other's faces.
    My brother in law filmed the entire concert on his camera. He wants to "treat" the recording with sub-titles and what-not as a gift to me. I'll ask my wife if she remembers conversing with your wife....(you guys are prob on the recording) Some random guy slapped my wifes hand as she reached out to Colin and commented that she would "always be short" as she replied "and sexy"....quite humorous and gave us a good laugh afterwards. I'll seek Wire's permission before I post anything to youtube. I don't know how they feel about that sort of stuff. Anyways....a great time.
    "I'll seek Wire's permission before I post anything to youtube. I don't know how they feel about that sort of stuff."

    Although I can't entirely speak for the band, they're generally fine with 'fan' stuff being posted (footage from gigs), but not commercial stuff (like that muppet who put the entire Object 47 up a few weeks before release, or the guy who put the entire Scottish Play up).
    I mentioned something about youtube videos. Colin shrugged.
    I'd have thought any group would welcome old or unavailable (like fan based recordings) stuff being posted to utube, it gives a wide audience and brings new fans, surely?
    I posted a Crystal Castles video and they took it down.
    I guess they would be fighting a losing battle as it appears that Wire's concert footage appears on youtube on a daily basis. That tool that posted Object 47 on youtube really pissed me off. I think it was posted a full week before the release.
    Anyways brother-in-law must be creating a gem because it's taking him forever to give me the footage!!
    Are you hyping it?
    maybe...we shall see...his work in the past has been pretty impressive.