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    Oh my. If this doesn't end up 'out there' in some form (on the website or mixed nicely for some future live album), I shall have to nip up the A3 and 'have words' with Mr. Newman.

    That was marvellous.
  3. song at the ATL show. (One of Us a close 2nd)
    A very well executed item it is.

    Trivia this the only song that has been played live by 70s Wire, 80s Wire and Now-Wire?
    I know it was played in the 90's as well on the Manscape tour.....I have a live version of it on a CD that came with a book.
    Fabulous stuff! A very nicely shot video too. Thanks for the link.
    A lot of treble. It has no low end. The song is more visceral live.
    Absolutely Brilliant. It was such a great decision to bring this song back. One of many highlights for me.
    alexander laurence says..."A lot of treble. It has no low end. The song is more visceral live."

    Jesus wept. Er.....its a compressed youtube clip filmed by an audience member with a small camera, hence the sound?.
    Wire are also much louder when you see them live. They may look three inches tall on this small computer screen thing but they are life-size really, and also they usually perform in Colour.
    How do the 80's and 90's versions of this song compare? Are they equally as intense? For whatever reason I have a hard time imagining Wire mk II channeling this kind of intensity.
    The 90's version is completely different. "to free my mind then break my neck" is actually put to a melody (none of the lyrics are shouted. The Drums are electronic and it sounds like the bass is as well. lots of sound effects popping in the background (prob samples) Just imagine what it would sound like in "The first letter" style.
    Excellent stuff. There are plenty of excerpts now on You Tube of Wire live this year. But Underwater Experiences and Lowdown from Toronto are among the best
    "They may look three inches tall on this small computer screen thing but they are life-size really, and also they usually perform in Colour. "

    Yes, and when I enlarged the viewing screen, the strangest thing happened to them. They became covered in lots of small squares. I do hope they're OK.

    Anyway, thanks for that, Tim. Enjoyed that footage no end!
    Seeing as the 'Exploded Views' CD/Book cannot be purchased anymore, nor can the tracks be downloaded legally anywhere,
    (and it was basically a bootleg anway wasn't it??)
    perhaps if someone who has the CD could kindly upload the tracks as Mp3s somewhere so we can have a listen and compare and contrast?
    I've certainly never managed to track down these as downloads.

    The tracks on the CD were live versions of Sixth Sense, What do You See, 12DrillU (aka Whats Your Desire) and Underwater Experiences from the Manscape tour....
    ...when Wire were like this:
    wish I could help you Tim but my copy/book is packed away in a trunk ready for shipping, if you haven't gotten a copy by the time I unpack everything (I'll notify you) I'll burn you a copy (or anyone else who can't get a copy)
    It'd certainly be interesting to hear what Wire did with UE around that time. I got some bootlegs of the '90s stuff years back, and some of the remakes are pretty interesting, such as the chilled out Advantage in Height and the car-crash-like Eardrum Bingos (not Wire's zenith, it has to be said).
    Do I correctly recall a conflation of Small Black Reptile and I Am The Fly from the Manscape tour?
    Maybe. The recording of SBR I have isn't great, but the riff that runs through it sounds like a speeded up IATF.
    I was just listening to that Exploded Views CD an hour ago to compare 'UE' versions. Then stumbled ontp this thread.

    If no-one [Wire/Craig] has any [legal] objections I don't mind making mp3's and posting a yousendit link?
    I could also help with the Exploded Views tracks.

    Incidentally, I also have 3 cassettes of shows that I picked up a while back. Haven't listened to them for ages but remember the quality being a bit dodgy. One is from the 6.30.88 Paradise show in Boston, the other two... well, I'm not sure to be honest. Will look at the tapes when I get home.

    We've all been kind of dancing around this topic in various forms. I'd love to share these tapes with you all (it would get me to finally haul them out and convert them to digital), but I don't want to step on Wire's toes in any way. With all the great music they've given us in the last 30 years - well, they've given a lot and I don't want to brazenly start giving their life's work away. Yes, I bought the tapes (which presumably meant no $$$ for Wire), but I'd gladly donate funds to support or something to make up for my indiscretion.

    Hello, Colin - as you tend to surface here most often - what should our next step be on things like Exploded Views or lesser items like old live cassettes? Keep it to ourselves? Quietly trade them? Send them to you for review? Post them on homemade websites and charge a fortune? No, no, scratch the last one, but again - I'd love to share some of the stuff that other people would like to hear and have limited-to-no chance of finding, but want to be fair and ethical about it.

    I have no intention of file sharing, you-tubing or any other similar open-access deal. Perhaps some other way could be cobbled together.