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    Never judge a gig by a compressed digital shadow!
    I have no idea what's Wire's policy is on this and I'd like to find out. I'd have to think that the best way to go about it is to share privately over email (or snail mail) and refrain from just putting them "out there" for anyone to download.
    A note on the Exploded View "12DrillU": it is actually much more like "In Every City?" than "What's Your Desire?".
    Thinking about it some more I'd prefer to get some sort of feedback from someone from the band before actually sharing 'EV', even quietly. If it's not a positive vibe I'd like to abide by their wishes.

    Having said that I would love to hear any gigs from around the 'Manscape' era... I vaguely remember 'Eardrum Bingos'!
    I'd happily pay to download good quality soundboard recordings or rarities from Pink Flag should Wire to choose to make them available to buy.
    Certainly there is a gap in the discography for live recordings from the 80s/90s to compliment Roxy/CBGBs, Wire on the Box, Brochure, Scottish Play etc.
    Be good to have some live stuff from the current tour too.
    I suspect (although cannot confirm) that the EV recordings are actually owned by Mute rather than Wire. That's certainly the case with the majority of official live Wire output from the 1980s and early 1990s.
    About those tapes I mentioned: I keep forgetting to write down the info before I leave home, but here's what I remember, and will edit this tomorrow. Posting now in the event that someone has/has seen similar and can comment. Can't quite make heads or tails of it from the bootlegs list on The Wire Page, and never mind that, there's no guarantee that the label actually has anything to do with what's on the cassette.

    I haven't heard them yet - a friend has my old tape deck and I'm trying to borrow it back from him. All I remember about the tapes was an interesting version of Madman's Honey (amusingly listed on the cassette insert as "Madman's Hum").

    Anyway, one is definitely listed as being The Paradise show in Boston, 6.30.88.

    Another I believe is from 1979 and says "Koln FM"? Taped from radio perhaps? The Wire Page has a Cologne show listed for '79 with a question mark, likely the same thing. But the gigography - while having lots of German shows - lists nothing for Cologne. Looked at a Roxy Music site for clues, but that gig list was less complete than Wire's! Other side I believe is Hamburg?

    The third is from 1987. Manchester FM listed for one side and Vienna on the other. Looking at the official gigography this all makes a little bit of sense.

    As soon as I give them a listen I'll post my own thoughts on the contents.

    Sorry to be so vague. Also, forgive my ignorance - I was never on The Ideal Copy list - but who ran The Wire Page? What is the fate of that vast collection of bootlegs?
    Andrew Westmeyer ran The Wire Page. I suspect he still has his pile of bootlegs somewhere, but I've not heard from Andrew in years.